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What is Psychologist?

A psychologist treats mental illnesses and solve problems by research and wisdom, psychologist can read other’s behavior by knowledge and they often work with Psychiatrists, psychologist have to be very careful for behavior in an organization & psychologist also specialize in so many areas including research for animals, psychologist do teach at various levels including university seminars, giving lectures in universities, colleges and even in schools, psychologist often do social work which gets really helpful for people who need mental attention.

what are psychologist?

Psychologist Types

Psychologist is of many types but the major three types are research psychologist, applied psychologist & mental health psychologist, they are described under and other types of psychologist you can find after you’ve read three major types of psychologist.

Psychologists (Applied):

Applied psychologist often do research by using their psychologist Abilities for solving real world scenarios regarding psychologist field which can be psychologist engineering which use engineering principles of psychologist research and issues, psychologist work on factors of humans which do include organization or industrial aspects also.

Psychologists (Research):

Research psychologist study a lot and with animals and humans they test experiments, psychologist in research field often be found in Universities, can have business owned by them or working with government sector but psychologist work in broad range in some points where they work in development in research, mental science which can be known as research about neurons and the behavior in social life of people.

how Psychologists research?
Research work of Psychologist

Psychologist for Mental Health:

Mental Health psychologist deals with mental illnesses of people who are suffering from several disorders of mental health, psychologist of  mental health work in clinics, psychologist of mental health often have their own setup or they work in hospitals and dealing with other psychologist, Mental Health psychologist can be also serving in government sectors, schools etc.

Psychologist Duties

Following are psychologist services describes under:

  1. Psychologist follow scientific studies.
  2. Psychologist take interviews, observe observations.
  3. Psychologist talk with patient about the treatments.
  4. Psychologist can know emotions depending on patient’s patterns because they’ve done a lot of research on it.
  5. Psychologist check behavior and stress if a person have by their emotions.
  6. Psychologist do a lot of research work, write and publish their articles about their work and their research.
  7. Psychologist helps interns and get help from meeting with other professionals.

Psychologists for Children and what is their role?

Child Psychologist helps children for in treatment because a child may have his/her family got divorced, died or have family issues. So, child Psychologist for children are here to help and deal with children about their activities and discuss about their role in these activities. Child Psychologist takes part in several ways including helping child who’s not good at learning by releasing their stress and mental illness, their social behavior problems and a lot of issues that a child can face.

Psychologists solve issues and they are treated by different methods like disorder problems, and many other. There comes a lot of tough situation where psychologist have to come up with different ideas to tackle them because sometimes they are so much complex and could not be handled easily. Depends on situation, other professionals in different fields treat the patient in completely different way but psychologist have their own way of treating.

how psychologist treat children?
Children Psychologist

Child psychology is not so much easy, psychologist have to come up with different ideas and there have to be certain specialties to handle that problem and child psychology even takes long term process and that can be years of tackling the child with different methods over time depending on child’s mental ability growth. The school child psychologist do not spent as much time with child patient as much clinical psychologist does because why would a psychologist that have his clinic will not want to take the course for long term and clinical psychologist will use all of his effort for getting parents agreed for long term process but in this case it is not up to Clinical Psychologist to decide what to do, parents can decide with their own but depending on the situation, in a lot of cases clinical psychologist will want the child to be cured and healed mentally as soon as possible, so think twice because you take any decision. Child Psychologist weather it is clinical or school psychologist, they focus on child’s health a lot and often provide health service.

Child Psychologist (Education and Training)

Child Psychologist have to study a lot to get onto treatments, Child Psychologist comes into category of Clinical Psychologist and After the Person have passed his/her graduation, he/she for having a full license, they have to practice 1 more year by someone’s supervision. And If anyone want psychologist doctoral degree, the person must have to do 1 year internship before that and people do really like to be PhD clinical psychology.

how a person can become a child psychologist?
education and training for child psychologist

There are universities offering master programs in non-clinical and clinical and in many other programs so the best way to check psychologist is to visit universities and confirm all details from administration office or search for psychologist master programs online than you’ll have more choice for choosing the right place to get master’s degree for being a clinical or non-clinical psychologist.

Clinical Psychologist  (clinical psychology Licensing and Certification)

Clinical Psychologist have license given by state that they are illegible for having a Clinical Psychologist degree, have experience, have done internship for in psychology and psychologist license of psychology do represent a clinical psychologist. Depends of states and their procedures, some states do not allow psychologist to work in another place if it does not include that place in their license and for getting a license for psychologist, one have to give an oral exam as well in some areas but it still depends on the rules and regulations set for examining a psychologist if he/she is worthy to get a license.

Certification of normal board is not like a license but it does not provide excess for practice in psychologist field but instead a psychologist will be able to be own a psychologist title and there are a lot of boards for providing a different criteria for having that title but it still depends of states but in common getting full excess for both practical and getting a psychologist title, one must have experience of psychology for minimum 1 year.

Average Psychologist Salary

Different factors effect psychologist salary that can include the area where a psychologist is working, the location where a psychologist is at because the salaries differ in different countries but some psychologist often work online and get more or less online from same location, another factor affecting psychologist salary is the industry niche and experience matters a lot for psychologist to get paid good enough.

how much a psychologist earn?
Average Psychologist Salary

Average Salaries for Careers in Psychology

Psychologist salary in United State at twenty century tenth year, the mean salary was $68,400 annual for. But psychologist was getting ten percent more for bonus if they having good performance. Psychologist who earn a lot have more than five year of experience, have more research in psychology field.

Factors which Affect Psychologist Salary

Various factors affect psychologist salary, psychologist salary can get affected by urban areas where Psychologist do not earn as much because people there could not afford such amount of money so psychologist in cities earn a lot more than here the development and economy factor of city really plays an important role for affecting psychologist salary because in big cities the salary is more and people in big cities often agree for long term treatment with psychologist because it costs a lot and a lot of individuals couldn’t afford long treatment for mental health issues because it costs a lot.

what factors affect psychologist salary?
Factors which Affect Psychologist Salary

Psychologist with more knowledge can earn more, psychologist with greater degree will be advanced options for getting many other opportunities, on average the psychologist working in bigger industry/organization earns more than the psychologist working in small organizations, it is a common fact that a psychologist can earn more with many years of experience but on the other hand, another psychologist can earn more who’ve done more researches and have more wisdom even though that psychologist do not have experience. But the experience matters a lot for getting a psychologist getting paid more.

Psychologist History of Psychology

Psychology began in the late 19th century when a German psychologist Wilhelm , founded a research laboratory of psychologist in Leipzig solely dedicated to psychologist research. This marked the beginning of birth of the great psychologist of our time namely, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) , Ivan Pavlov ( 1849 -1936), Albert (1925-), Daniel was a psychologist in 19th century and many more prestigious people who have powerful influence on our lives. Psychologist is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. The field of psychologist is very diverse, has many sub-fields, including the study of human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior and cognitive processes.

Psychologist History
History of Psychology

It was suggested that the psychologist emphasize on the underlying cause of behavior and the mental processes of psychologist involved. There were mainly two theories of psychologist that dominated the early days, functionalism and structuralism. In the former one, the focus was on how and why an organism does what is does something In the theory of structuralism, a research method was used, introspection, in which the subject relates what was going on his/her mind while performing the task. In reality, the great philosopher, Aristotle, Plato, first observed the human behavior which initially was called philosophy.

what is psychologist history?
psychology history

Psychologist attempts to investigate the behavior and its cause by using objective and systematic procedures for observation and analysis. Psychologist strategy is adapted by behaviorist. Later, cognitive psychologist adapted the scientific, lab based approach. With its broad scope psychology investigates enormous range of phenomena, memory, thinking and language, child development and mental illness. Clinical psychology is the study and application of psychology for the purpose of understanding, preventing and relieving psychologist based distress, dysfunction or mental illness and to promote subjective well being and personal development. Clinical psychology can also engage in research, teaching and consultation.

 Psychologist Degree Importance

For psychologist Degree in US and Canada, practitioners get graduation degree and doctorate for psychologist, then spend one year in an internship and one year in postdoctoral education. For psychologists degrees in different countries have different criteria. Before 1896, most mental health care was performed by specialized medical doctors, psychologist.

Treatment from Psychologist

Type of psychologist treatment, a specialized psychologist form a good relationship with the patient, psychologist uncovers repressed material inside the patient and to understand why the patient create barriers against certain thoughts and feelings.

how psychologist treat patients?
Treatment from Psychologist

Psychologist: Sara Javed (Clinical Researcher & Psychologist)

“I have seen wolf characters, beneath sober personalities, sweat & innocent eyes”

Javed.S, 17

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