WORLD WIDE WEB WORMS Present, Past and Future Technology


World Wide Web Worm was the first search engine which was developed by Oliver McBryan from the University of Colorado in March 1994. This was not so popular because at the time of its release other search engines were already introduced in the market which had far more better functionality than this search engine. At first it was confused with internet worms that was a virus introduced in 1980s.Another names for this are indexing engine. It had maintained a database of over 300,000 articles. This was the first automated indexing tool. Due to its lacking functionality it is no longer used but its basics are used in other search engines these days.

Present and Past Web

              World Wide Web Worm was the first search engine ever created though it was not released until 1994. It works on the phenomena of indexing. Once a query was entered, the keywords( in the form of strings) are selected and searched upon the web. The engine then displays the related URLs and titles after searching. It worked on Perl regular expressions because it had more expressive power and high readability. Searches through this engine were faster as compare to other search engines because it does not displays in detail content of the website but only a brief overview. Therefore, these were not suitable for features searches. It was not widely accepted by the market because it failed to provide the book marking option so user had to repeat their searches in case they need the information again. Another problem of this search engine was that it allows only 110,000 indexes and 1500 queries per day.


             These search engines could be improved by adding Data mining algorithms in them to work with Data Mining field so that every time a person  needs to mine some data from a data warehouse he/she can just use it instead of coding his/her own algorithm. In this way we will be creating a Data Mining tool out of a search engine.

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