Types of UAV Drones, Agriculture and Crops Drones

The concept of smart flying machines and robots is not something limited to fiction and sci-fi movies anymore. This is the era of the drones. They are gradually taking over the tasks that were originally done by humans. This has greatly reduced the chance of error and mistakes that are normally done by people. Drones are being used from warfare to delivering items directly to the doorstep of a customer. Drones are unmanned aerial robots which have the tendency to fly in the air without any human sitting in them and operating them. Rather they are controlled by a pilot sitting at a far away distance. This negates the human factors of the aircrafts operated by the human pilots. Humans often make mistakes under intense pressures. But drones do not have this tendency as they may be pre programmed or driven by a human who not have to take account of the safety of his own life and hence does not hesitate or get under pressure. Due to these factors the drones are now being preferred and new discoveries are being made in the process to make the use of drones in new ways every day. Drones are usually used in the field of war craft but now as time progresses there are discoveries being made to make use of drones in other fields of the world as well.  In this concept of using drones in different ways the Dusting drones and Instant court drones are also included.

Agriculture and Crops Drones and its technical architecture

 Drones have many uses like in the battlefield. Drones can be used to deliver items to customers quickly. There is another use for drones and that is in the field of agriculture. Agriculture the cultivation of animal plants and. In the focused goal of cultivation of plants there is a need to take care of the crop by continuously looking after it. The crop can be infected by disease like any living thing and the same care needs to done for it like providing medicine etc.

People usually provide the medicine by hand, which is really difficult as it is time consuming and requires lots of man hours. So being humans we found a way to cut back the exhausting work by using planes which are filled with the pesticides and then sprayed over the crop. This is really effective but this method poses a serious threat for both the pilot of the aircraft and for the crop as well.

Drones are machines that do not require much looking after and they are precise as they are controlled by computers. Humans as always find the shortest possible way of everything so in the future humans can use drones to take over the work of humans being made. The crop dusting drones are a very great alternative for it. It not only gives a better result but give the safety to humans. These drones are already being implemented in Japan and it is a matter of time that other countries also start adapting to the idea of drones in the field of agriculture.

Imagine the endless possibilities there could be. There could be many drones performing different tasks at the same time. One drone would monitor the pests in the crops, one for checking the water and pH level of the soil and one which gives the remedies of these problems.

The involvement of the drones in the field of agriculture will result in a better growth of the crops and will be a big step forward as the cost of the sowing the crop will be less and that would result in the better earning of the farmer and fruits, vegetables and crops will be available to the common man on a cheaper price.



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