Micro colleges like its name suggest small colleges. Many people around the world just want to learn to work and wont jobs more quickly. So micro colleges is suitable for this purpose, micro colleges is a college with extremely small number of student and faculty also they offer small time degrees so people who just want to learn and earn went there .

Also micro colleges are effective as they built in small size so it costs less also small number of students and teachers and to more people can start that college.In online college students can be taught by uploading lectures .Student just have to pay some fee .  So by concepts it is very affordable for the people who just want to study to learn some tool work for a job &cant afford the long degrees .Many famous speakers sadi about these micro colleges that these colleges exist because traditional college take too long for a degree and costs too much So over all these micro colleges are very useful for this generation.Further more these colleges can be created in small congested places unlike the big universities.So they are reachable, affordable, advantageous and in my opinion more efficient way of learning like virtual university many kinds of micro colleges are there in world and I think people are more interested in working and studying online.

The servers of these institutes run all the time so its easy for the students to learn and study or listen to any lecture online whenever they want in 24 hours a day . So students just have to registered by submitting fees and then just studying

And the micro severities built in some countries comes with great advantages like I mentioned earlier they can be built anywhere in cites, and can be run when by two owners ,they are time limited means that short courses are just centered around practical skill like learning to code a program or any other thing which is useful after the course to earn degrees .

It is a bit tough job for the owners of the micro colleges to run these colleges but it has so many uses for both the owners and students that all the difficulties seems to be small

Also the online micro colleges ,first seems to be a tough job to maintain the servers and run the site 24 hours a day and the whole week and months , maintaining the data of student ,taking there exams  uploading lectures ,making a record of all the students and their assignments etc all seems to be quiet tough but difficulties seems to be small in compare with their uses 


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