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How Disease Monitoring Drones Works: Its Application, Objectives and Usage

Remote sensing is a process of observing things without physically touching them. Drones are actually a small flying unmanned aircraft also know as unmanned aerial (UAV). It has many purposes while talking about monitoring drones scientists have developed highly modified drones to monitor various diseases both in man and plants. These drones are highly technological flying over ground and reached to the target given to it. The main purpose of developing such technology to monitor diseases because sometimes it’s impossible to reach physically to the location of effecting area of living thing and also sometimes it’s difficult to recognize the cause of disease due to changing environment. Due to new technology scientists have made such powerful drones which can achieve their target even in tough environment. This new technology is achieving his target. With the help of this many Scientists achieve their targets by knowing the cause of many diseases. Let’s describe some of those targets this technology has achieved which help a lot to scientists to complete their research.

Design and Working of disease Monitoring Drones :

Drones are of many types, shapes and different technology. Usually these drones are of small size. Its design depends on user requirement. While many things are common among all of those drones which are that features a powerful camera capable of still photography and video recording, flying over ground with help of fans attached to maintain its balance and go through close holes also. It’s operated by the person sitting far away from it with the help of camera attached to it. All the things captures by it closely are seen on screen. It helps the user to see things far away from him without going to that place but sitting in his cabin.

Remote sensing is the process of observing things without physically touching them. It’s aided through sensors designed depending on specific task intended to be carried. Remote sensors are of two types, they can be either passive or active. While passive sensors record radiations reflected through earth surface or sun, so usually passive sensors can only be used to collect data only in daylight hours. On the other hand active sensors are used as internal stimuli to collect data about earth by sending laser beam remote sensing projects laser on to the earth surface and measures the time that it takes to reflect back its sensor. Among these two types of sensors, more preferred and widely used in agriculture is passive as it senses the electromagnetic energy reflected from plants to its sensors. The sensors can be installed on satellites, manned or unmanned aircrafts, or right on farm equipments. The choice of remote sensing system depends on several factors as it’s includes spatial resolution. Spatial resolution indicates the minimum size of an object that can be notice in image while spectral resolution refers to the number and width of each band. The image capture through multi spectral camera can measure many as visible green. Remote sensing is take through camera mounted on aircrafts or drones to provide data about application require more frequent sensing.

Target and objective of disease Monitoring Drones :

  • In oct., 2013 a UK scientist work on project to know the rare strain of mosquito borne disease which is emerged in Southeast Asian cities. He wants to see how this kind of malaria, known as Plasmodium knowlesi, is transmitted. They send drones in forest to monitor the activity of mosquito. They have come to know that the mosquitoes that carry  knowlesiare forest dwellers. They are living in cool pool of water under the forest canopy and take blood from macaque monkeys that contain malaria parasite. Through this they also came to know that people living in forest creates more opportunity to pass disease between human and primates via mosquito.
  • While talking about planting, flying drones help a lot to farmers in agriculture growing.

Having a bird eye view of your field is the easiest and quickest way to see and interrupt or take any action in production of field. Using drones for crop surveillance minimize the cost of walking the fields or seeing through plane. Checking plants progress and determining if they need more attention or need some extra nourishment is easily possible through drone. Drones can save your and time also. Usage of drones in agriculture is progressing rapidly day by day as they help them a lot in disease monitoring, crop scouting, livestock tracking and many other benefits. That’s why drones are now commonly used in agriculture filed and it help a lot in monitoring disease which eventually destroy crops field.

  • Remotely sensed images can be used to identify diseases, water or nutrient deficiencies, insect damage or surplus. In USA framer used drones to perform its operation to combat maize rust in the maize fields. Drone is unmanned craft which can fly over ground of height 50-100 meter as it can fly and fly by itself. The main aim of this is to put bird eye view on crops about their condition. The farmer got good result from that remote sensing of fields. The images captured by camera mounted on aircraft indicate the stressed areas in fields. The changing of leaf colors, texture or shape indicates how much energy is used, transmitted or absorbed. Spectral Images indicates the area of healthy plants as to stress field. This help them a lot to concentrate on weak areas of field and also with the help of remote sensor spectral images they indicate the disease which is disturbing their growth.
Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 04-24-16
Springer with the Collaboration of LearnRnd
Source URL:http://www.learnrnd.com/news.php?id=How_Disease_Monitoring_Drones_Works:_Its_Application,_Objectives_and_Usage
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