Ambient Media:Present Past and Future Trends

Ambient media has emerged as a new form of media that revolves around the natural surroundings of the people. Ambient media relates to the daily life, activities and environment and generates new ways of communication and effect on human culture. Today’s world is information rich in which media plays an important role to provide us access to that information.  


Ambient media is a combination of mass media, new media technology and other devices that are commonly used in the developing world. Websites, applications and networks create an environment to convey the latest information particularly about social networks and mobile devices help us gain access to that information instantly. Ambient media indicates the extent to which this information is shared through different mediums of communication which refers to certain devices with which users mostly develop strong connections. Whether a person seeks information about a public figure or any event or some latest technology devices or any friend through social media, this all relates to the world of information. There are always different modes of information and ambient media describes all kinds of mediated information that surrounds us 24 hours to establish a world of awareness about happenings of the real world and people not necessarily linked with the user. Ambient media has so much involved in our everyday lives that even its existence is not visible to the user.

Awareness systems

Social presence and the concept of awareness are somehow inter-related or the sense of being with some or interaction with others through communication media. The awareness system has basically two parts i.e. social networking sites that allow us to share their status frequently and to access that information, latest technology devices are there to help anywhere anytime.

Mobile technology devices have emerged as a great contribution to the possibility of always being connected to digital spaces. It is nearly possible for everyone to even carry internet wherever we go, feeling like we are everywhere at the same time.

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