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3D Printer builds the 250 square feet Real Building in 45 minutes with liquid concrete

This is a simple but very effective technique .This technology show a new way to create or construct buildings .Using fabricated layers & by this in a single run of this builders can build even colonies with it .

The main purpose he proposed or that purpose in his mind was that natural disasters like earthquakes, lightening or storms encases painful destruction .And it needs a lot of time of time to reconstruct those buildings ,colonies, factories, industries and mostly peoples life ruined after these disasters .So it was required to invent something special something powerful that can build or reconstruct these all things more quickly in 45 minutes so that those people can live on their places again.

Contour crafted liquid concrete construction is more easy and quickly and the another advantages is for the architects that by the ordinary way of construction they just have typical designs but in contour craft technique the can make designs more flexible and efficiently.
So by this any design that is there in mind they can build, construct it using contour houses.

3D Printer builds the 250 square feet Real Building in 45 minutes with liquid concrete

Contour crafting technique comes with numerous advantages like eventually after construction it will cost less to the builders they don’t have to hire more labors also this is a simple and safer than the old method of constructions
So this all means more profit to the constructions builder.

Also scientist predict that this way of construction will bring humans to a new level of construction and the believe that this technique will also be used in the end of this century by this they mean that when humans will able to find a way to live on mars or moon or another planet this light wait construction will be useful there in shortly

Just image the world the world all the big small ,all the buildings made by this using contour crafted technique .Using this technique millions of dollars can be saved and a middle class man can also afford it easily, another question appears in peoples mind is the durability of all these buildings ,so answer is quiet simple by contracting building using fabricated layers destructions in case of natural disasters like earthquake reduced to almost 90% due to its light weightiness
Also the deposition of these layers are all controlled by computer so accurate amount of material can be made through this and there will be no waste material

There are so many uses of this tech that we just cannot imagine.
This is a time saving not like the old processes, it doesn’t take a month or more than a month to construct a building, all it takes is a few days to construct. It’s all seems to be a 3D printing like thing . This process increases the speed at which a house can be put into market
Using contour crafting technique contractions seems to be more easy then in the past .It’s like using a quick setting contour crafting forms houses, building walls layers by layers in just a matter of time
So now people started prefer this technique instead of using old methods of construction.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-14-16
Springer with the Collaboration of LearnRnd
Source URL:http://www.learnrnd.com/news.php?id=3D_Printer_builds_the_250_square_feet_Real_Building_in_45_minutes_with_liquid_concrete

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