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Microsoft Planner is an application which helps users to make a plan, create groups, share and even gather other users to discuss and also check the progress of information at Office 365. Microsoft Planner is a very well know application for planning which you can check at Office 365. Microsoft Planner is also available in premium and Microsoft Planner has educational subscribers to Office 365. 3 Years ago from now Bill Gates the founder of the company of Microsoft made Microsoft Planner for a general purpose and also made subscription plans for the users of Microsoft Planner.

what is microsoft planner?
Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner and benefits of Office 365 integration

From many varieties of small projects have given the Microsoft Planner a very big step to move forward to enterprise the Microsoft Planner and its strengths.Many people who do projects ask that why we should pick the Microsoft Planner whereas we can find more apps like Microsoft Planner, the answer is simple because the Microsoft Planner is integrated Office 365. It does the linking of tasks with many other different projects and it is easy to work with Microsoft Planner.Microsoft Planner connects from a manager with colleges and does a role in helping to manage files which are in Share point to be accessed and every team member in the Microsoft Planner can watch that in every outlook notebook. Everything from the Microsoft Planner is checked in outlook and that is because everything in it is assembled there, even the details of the 365 are even there.

what are microsoft planner uses?
benefits of microsoft planner

Microsoft to do software as Microsoft Planner

You can manage apps in Microsoft Planner, as well as to make sure you have completed your work in the Microsoft Planner right on time. Microsoft Planner helps users in many ways and in projects of Microsoft users to make their work list be easier to manage in life day by day by day and hence help in accelerating their flow of work on which they do their best on presenting later when needed.

microsoft upcomming plans
Microsoft Plans

Microsoft Planner 451 Research

Microsoft Planner is very well known for being the best for projects which are not so complex or not so hard to handle and can be solved with the help of groups by Microsoft teams easily by different approaches as said by Raul who is senior analyst in the Microsoft Planner team for 451 Research who also told that it can be done in a very broad range of a variety of use cases. Senior analyst of the Microsoft Planner 451 Research Raul also gave the statement that a Planner is very well better suited to much less complex projects that are required a collaborative approach. It is also a more flexible tool on a notable fact and therefore can address a wide range of use cases etc.

microsoft research
Research 451

Microsoft Planner pricing

In the case of 365 subscriptions, Microsoft Planner can be there for use indifferent package available there. Update for Microsoft Planner subscription will be charged more. The management of tasks application in the subscription of 365 gives a lot of opportunities to avail a lot of applications but with good applications as Microsoft Planner enterprise, a user has to pay well to get good and this is the reason Microsoft is competing with other competitors by making such good apps like Microsoft Planner etc.

A Microsoft Planner board.

Microsoft planner has many are different types of tools available in the market of tech but the Microsoft Planner helps users in managing and organizing in a better type of way because of the 365 office user subscription. Many different companies use the office 365 user subscription for their business but they do not know the actual Microsoft Planner.

what is microsoft planner board?
Microsoft Planner Board

Many small whole salesmen are taking lots of benefits from these small and tiny products such as like the Microsoft Planner even when Microsoft planner can easily be searched and many of its other competitors also use software like Microsoft Planner as well to help their life of business too. But there are many dozens of users of the Microsoft Planner who do not use the Microsoft Planner, they do not even know the hidden gem of a kind benefits of the Microsoft Planner and it will really be tough for them to have to switch to another kind of another software.

More plans for Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner functionalities include support task assignment and user-friendly with members of a team in other organizations and this guest access in Microsoft Planner helps to reach to vendors by any channel in a better way and the Microsoft Planner can be easily assigned tasked from a team. Like Microsoft Planner product of Microsoft,there are many other prove in the market who are also getting successful to get their products to users. In the future, it is believed to have better features for vendors and we can expect they can do so. Microsoft Planner has always been up to its promise and always delivered a satisfying result to its users, it help teams plan the tasks, Bring or all kind together, conversations and also documents in order to become more efficient and productive. The users of the Microsoft Planner office 365 can also use the Planner via as the same interface as the shared work space which is also chat based and also currently the Planner Tab has a very limited number of features which are very easy to find.

plans and templates for microsoft planner
Plans for Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner will then be bringing in the set of brand new features and has already done the sharing of the plan of action. Firstly Microsoft Planner will start its work on the Microsoft Teams for a very seamless and comfortable experience which will then include the full cross-examination across different applications. This is stereotypical for the users to get their stuff done using the tool of their choice with minimum efforts. The users of the Microsoft teams will now be able to select the existing plans from the Planner Tabs of their choices in the Microsoft Teams. And also on that note,one would now be able to do the launching of the full Microsoft Planner experience thus in order to have the access to capabilities such as charts and another form of views.

Now, this one will be a very interesting innovation looking from the eyes of a user perspective, now the users will have the given ability to choose multiples and multiples of a variety of plans as per Office 365 Group which is within the Microsoft Planner.Once the execution or administration is completed the users of the Microsoft Planner will now also be able to have the access to any of the variety of plans that they then started in the Microsoft Teams as well. The tech company of Microsoft is also doing a planning to add the Microsoft Planner web features and enhancements such as notifications, attachments, views by a group and many others to the tab of Microsoft Planner in such Microsoft Teams. Independently stepping aside from the features which are the aforementioned, Microsoft has given their statement that it has still till this day some or many more notable features in the pipeline or the book (many of which are mostly cross-examination ideas) and will them reveal or do the appearance of the details as they are progressing with the Microsoft Planner map of road. In case,if you have any thoughts or ideas of a kind that could make the tool of the Microsoft Planner better feel free to drop by in the Microsoft forums.

how to get plans of microsoft planner
microsoft planner plans

The ending line of this is that the company of Microsoft is very much indeed making a very fast and rapid progress when it comes down to the Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Teams tools and etc the company of it intends to help in revealing road map to their prospective customers in advance for the next up and coming years.

Few Things To Know About Microsoft Office 365 Planner

The company of Microsoft has very recently rolled out its Office 365 Planner not too long ago. Here are a few things summed up you need to know about the brand new Microsoft Planner in Office 365.

1. The Adding Microsoft Planner – In the new Microsoft Planner, if you don’t see the Planner tile in the App Launcher then you need to ask your Office 365 Planner Administrator to assign you up with a license which is free of course.

2. The Accessing Microsoft Planner – This planner can be accessed only if a license of a planner is assigned in the Office 365. Then later once a user is assigned with a Planner License then they can access the Planner in two ways.

3. The Microsoft Planner and Office 365 Groups – Planner is running by Office Groups and Office Graph,and thus each of the new Plans created in Planner is automatically then created into a new Office 365 Group.

4. The Microsoft Planner Buckets and Tasks – In which each of the Plans has its Board which is its own, and within each of the Board, Buckets (groups of Tasks) can be added. Within the Buckets, Every user can then add work item or tasks.

5. Other things like Views Tasks as a visual Chart – you can select the Chart view to see a graphical representation of each and every task.

6. A Menu to Switch to Office 365 Group View – There is a call out from a Plan’s Board to switch to the Plan’s Group associated view, where you can also see the Group’s main properties, such as the Mail, File repository,Mailbox, and so on and on.

7. The Conversation View of Plan – There is also a form of call out from a Plan’s Board which then switches to the Plan’s associated Group’s conversations.

8. The One Note Notebook – Every Plan of the Microsoft planner has a link to One Note which is thoroughly represented by a “Notebook”, and which opens up when a user clicks on that.

9. My Tasks View – This is very similar to the workflow Tasks as mentioned before in this section you switch to the My Tasks option or Tasks assigned to the user who is logged-in.

10. The Using of the Microsoft Planner and Teams – Users now can assign their Plans to a Team using the team app.

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