Mental health is the real health….

how mental health effects our health?
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Mental health patient reacts to everything violently, the person who is effect my mental health could not pursue his/her work after her family member’s death…that he/she is so anxious in every situation resulting in their declined mental health performance in studies…He/She is so unpredictable, happy at once and as furious as a fire breathing dragon the very next moment. Mental Health patients are visiting psychologist…What!!!!!! A PSYCHOLOGIST. They are psychos and we should try to fend off such people. These patients deserve to be treated in a mental hospital or asylum. Mental health patients are not normal and they are a danger to us.

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Seeking Mental health Psychologist

These are some of the stigmas attached whenever a mental health needs or seeks psychological treatment. They have to think several times before taking any step to come out of their terrible state just because of labeling that prevails in our society.

Physical ailment should address mental health and illness that must be lessened. We need to recognize that pain, feeling, emotions a person is experiencing while fighting these enormous complications. Nothing is more terrifying then battling your own mind, not being able to operate your own life and thoughts. Scars on a person’s mind and body, their behaviour, actions are actually a depiction of their battles and their struggle. It’s so stressful and hard to explain what is going in your mind when you don’t know it yourself. They have endured immense pain, loss and felt lonely and broken.

How mental health can be controlled?
Mental illness

Dealing Mental Health Patient

Along with battling these mental health monster-like issues, society’s unawareness, attitude if being judge mental and looking down on them further worsen the situation.  We need to communicate and understand their situation. They need a listener, a friend, a guide who without judging them makes an attempt to absorb all their pain and negativity. As a society we should bring down the wall of stigma and prejudice by listening to them, by accepting them, by making them realize that they are not alone, they are as valuable as a normal being. People suffering from mental illnesses are far stronger than we are, more vigorous then we think. They are trying to win their battles and fighting to their best to defeat the monster growing inside their mind.

As a society we need to eradicate hatred towards those suffering from mental illnesses and bringing them to a point where they can fight their monster to go to work and care for their loved ones that leads to act normal while battling unbearable pain. All they need is sunlight, acceptance, care and unconditional positive regard towards their unashamed conversations, unspoken words and unrevealed secrets. The dimension of mental health still needs acceptance in today’s fast age. Keenly observe people around you and if the problem is deliberate, feel no shame in seeking help of a mental health professional. That it may lead to heal the broken, bringing smile to a devastated heart or even saving a life.

Written by: Kiran Bibi

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