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Domestic Violence Definition

Domestic violence is an act of terror, it can occurs mostly by usage of drugs or common misbehavior and domestic violence is mostly caused my problems related mental, domestic violence is to force someone which causes mental depression and anger, domestic violence is common in between families, which can be caused by a lot of activities and domestic violence may start from mother, father or even children and several other ways. Following types of domestic violence are described in detail which will explain their differences and give clear concept domestic violence.

define domestic violence
Domestic Violence Definition

Causes of Sexual Domestic Violence

This Domestic Violence not only includes physical but Sexual Domestic Violence also include sexual verbal abuse, domestic violence of sexual abuse also includes make someone to have sex with someone else by forcing sexually that cause domestic violence.

how women face sexual abuse
Sexual Abuse

Relationship Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence between relationships can occur mostly between couples newly married or engaged, relationship domestic violence really effects their life portion. Relationship domestic violence is more between engaged couples.

relationship goals and issues
Common Relationship problems

Partner Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in partners often happens in couples due to any common reason, domestic violence here can be from a lot of reason, one of that is not being true with partner, domestic violence is common in partners because of age factor as well.

how partners are abused
Violence with Partners

Child Abuse as domestic violence

Domestic violence is common for child abuse in most of countries mostly which are not much developed, domestic violence of child abuse also include child labor and domestic violencedo not happen by night, children are treated very bad, child abuse domestic violence might happen in families where some of family member’s behavior is not good with children or child.

causes of child abuse
child abuse

Types of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence when talked, people mostly think domestic violence as beating a lot, Domestic violence includes a lot of types, domestic violence includes other types of domestic violenceare described, please do read every domestic violence type so you can have a bit more knowledge about domestic violence.

domestic violence types
Types of Domestic Violence

Control Domestic Violence

Domestic violence mostly occurs after marriage life, mostly domestic violence  with happened with women, domestic violence takes place in kids also that being spies on mom and bugging the called she receives or makes call is also an example of domestic violence.

Physical Domestic Violence

 It is a domestic violence in which it is not necessary that a person should hit, slap, bike or do any physical damage, domestic violence include not giving money on time, domestic violence includes not giving another proper sleep and many other factors included in physical domestic violence.

women abused physically
abusing physically

Emotional Abuse & Intimidation Domestic Violence

This domestic violence means to abuse someone emotionally, emotional domestic violation not only mean emotionally insult and abuse, this domestic violence may include insulting in crowd, terrifying family, giving threats etc. Abusive domestic violence directly affects someone’s emotions that must be avoided.

Emotional Abuse & Intimidation

Isolation Domestic Violence

Isolation domestic violence is not allowing someone to use resources as he/she wants, this domestic violence separates him/her thoughts from rest of the world. With this domestic violence, he/she have to live with this life hiding his/her injuries and burdens inside.

Verbal Domestic Violence

This Domestic Violence includes abuse verbally by language that makes others feed bad, domestic violence verbally is not only subject to telling someone to kill any one and verbal domestic violence does not only mean to abuse someone with bad language. But verbal domestic violence also includes some not abusive words that have great impact on other’s life that this verbal domestic violence is bad from simple abuse as it does not hurt someone’s emotional feelings but they do effect their moral and temporal thinking.

verbal abuse
Verbal Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Male Privilege

This domestic Violence means more benefit to man over women as women do not have enough power and this domestic violenceis reflecting women to be weak and being a victim of domestic Violence Using Male Privilege.

Domestic Violence and Its Health Implication

Domestic Violence not only causes physical injury, it also This domestic violence called as intimate partner violence mean domestic violence with partner, here in this domestic violence the partner can be any one you have relation and that relation can be sexual, marriage or couple before marriage and that partner is have domestic violence done by you or that partner have done such domestic violence to you.

effects of domestic violence
domestic violence effects

Signs of Domestic Violence or Abuse

Some signs of domestic violence or domestic abuse are as follows, when someone force you to have sex, when someone abuse you verbally is sign of domestic violence, when someone hurt your emotions and you have no choice but to listen is another sign of domestic violence.

Economic Domestic Violence

Abuse of finance applies to both elderly abuse and domestic violence. This is a form of Domestic violence when one intimate partner has control over the other partner’s access to economic resources, which diminishes the victim’s capacity to support him/herself and forces him/her to depend on the perpetrator financially.It is related to, or also known as, Financial abuse domestic violence, which is the illegal or unauthorized use of a person’s property, money, pension book or other such valuables (which thus includes changing the person’s will to name the person committing domestic violence as the only heir), which often times are fraudulently obtained power of attorney, by deprivation of their property or other money, or by evicting them from their own home.

economic abuse
Economic Domestic Violence

What Leads to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence against females is an ancient phenomenon. Domestic Violence has long been accepted as something that happens to women. The gender imbalance in domestic violence is some what related to differences made in physical size and strength. Women were always and still today in many places of the world considered weak, vulnerable and in a position to be exploited. Culturally, religiously, economically and politically may set the precedence for initiating and perpetuating domestic violence, but ultimately committing an act of violence is a choice that the person makes in  a range of options. Although one cannot underestimate the importance of macro system-level forces (such as cultural and social norms) in the etiology of gender-based violence within any country,mostly third world countries, individual-level variables (such as observing domestic violence between one’s parents while growing up, absent or rejecting father, delinquent peer associations)also play important roles in the development of any kind of domestic violence. Also women are made to into their gender roles in a variety of societies in the world. In such societies with a power structure and rigid gender roles, women are often not equipped perfectly to protect themselves if their partner starts commit an act of violence. However, much of the beginnings relates to how independent men and fearfulness amount to a cultural disarmament. Husbands or grooms who batter their wives mostly feel that they are doing the right thing, maintaining good order in the family name and punishing their wives especially if the wives failure to keep their proper place. Undermining domestic violence of economic, social, spiritual, psychological and emotional well being of victim health, the abuser and the society as a whole.

causes and effects of domestic violence
What Leads to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a major contributor to the mentally and physically ill health of women. Domestic violence has some very serious on women’s physical and mental health, including their sexual health. These include injuries, gynecological problems, permanent or temporary disabilities, suicide and depression, among others. The consequences of domestic violence on health are often indirect and emerge and crossover the line of long term. For example, females who were a victim of violent attacks during childhood are very much bothered by problems of their menstrual and irritated bowel syndrome later in life.

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

Children who witness domestic violence might get into serious behavioral, emotional, academic or developmental problems. As they develop, teens and children who grow up with domestic violence in the household are:

  1. more likely to commit violence at a community gathering or school in response to threats
  2. more likely to attempt suicide
  3. more likely to use drugs
  4. more likely to commit crimes
  5. more likely to make a use of violence to build their reputation andself esteem
  6. more likely to get violent in later life
  7. more likely to verbally abuse others
  8. more likely to have panic attacks
  9. more likely to feel unsafe in school
  10. more likely to develop anger issues
  11. more likely to commit crimes
  12. more likely to develop mental illness

Addressing Domestic Violence

An effective response to Domestic violence should address immediate practical needs of men and women experiencing domestic violence, providing long-term follow up and assistance for domestic violence, and focusing on changing those cultural norms, legal provisions and attitudes that promote the acceptance and even encouragement of violence against women, and undermine a women’s enjoyment of their human rights and freedom. The health sector has unique potential to deal with domestic violence against women,particularly through reproductive health services, which most women will access at some point in their lives. However, this potential is far from being realized. Few doctors, nurses or other health personnel have the awareness and the training to identify domestic violenceas the underlying cause of women’s health problems.

Role of Public Health Personnel in Domestic Violence

Domestic violence against women is now finally identified as a public health priority. Public health personnel can play an important in addressing this situation. Since domestic violence against women is both a consequence and a cause of gender inequality, primary prevention programs that address gender inequality and tackle the root causes of domestic violence are all essential. Public health workers have a responsibility to build awareness by creating and disseminating materials and innovative audio-visual messages, which project a positive image of girl child and women in the society. A consolidated media campaign covering an electronic, film and print media that shows domestic violence as a very unacceptable need of the hour. The playing role of increasing male responsibility to end domestic violence needs to be highlighted. Programs are required to intend to address battered female’s needs, including those that focus on building self-efficacy and livelihood skills. The significance of informal and local community networks should be acknowledged in this regard. The survivors of domestic violence can be involved in program planning and implementation in order to ensure accessibility and effectiveness. Rather than spotlighting women as victims in non negotiable situations, they should be portrayed as agents capable of changing their own lives. The public health experts have a vital role to play in networking with NGOs and voluntary organizations and creation of social support networks.

police role of domestic violence
Role of Public Health Personnel in Domestic Violence

The public health experts have a potential to train personnel specialized to address the needs of victims of domestic violence.In the field of research, public health personnel can contribute by conducting studies on the ideological and cultural aspects which give rise to and perpetuate the phenomenon of domestic violence. Similarly, the execution and impact of programs must be assessed in order to provide the necessary background for policy-making and planning. However, the health sector must work with all other sectors including education, legal and judicial, and social services.

Women in domestic violence relationship

With out the ability to sustain themselves economically, women are forced to stay in abusive relationships and are not able to be free from domestic violence. Due to deep-rooted values and culture, women do not prefer to adopt the option of separation or divorce. They also fear the consequences of reporting domestic violence and declare an unwillingness to subject themselves to the shame of being identified as battered women. Lack of information about alternatives also forces women to suffer silently within the four walls of their homes. Some women may believe that they deserve the beatings because of some wrong action on their part. Other women refrain from speaking about the abuse because they fear that their partner will further harm them in reprisal for revealing family secrets, or they may be ashamed of their situation. Domestic Violence against women is a violation of basic human rights. It is shameful for the states that fail to prevent it and societies that tolerate and in fact perpetuate it. It must be eliminated through political will, and by legal and civil action in all sectors of society. Economic dependence has been found to be the central reason.

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