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Women in Pakistan

In today’s modern world, even in a third world country like Pakistan women contribute equally in holding the sky with both hands of economic burden and social representation. Despite the fact, women make up approximately 50% of our population, men refuse to give them and accept them with equal honor and respect. Let’s be practical, a household can no longer survive on the income of a single earning person. Women must play their role and as a woman myself I feel proud of the self-representation women have started showing in our society. Although, we might have advanced but our thoughts go back to the medieval times when women were considered fragile and mere objects of pleasing men. It is this very mindset that drags our women back for every two steps they take forward in the domain of independency. The ounces does not only lie within the men, some women irrespective of the fact that they belong to the same gender, are equally involved in criticism and de grading of the very concept of a modern independent woman’s.

In the 21st century, the idea of feminism and feminists movements have un-doubted boosted the morale and spirit of strong hardworking women who refused to depend on men, their earning and their name in order to survive in our male dominating society.

When spoken to women who are struggling to be independent, they continuously expressed a sense of deprivation in terms of access to opportunities and freedoms. They also shared stories of their continuous struggle to overcome these deprivations. It is not fair to speak on their behalf, by saying that these women are happy with their current situation, when there are no possibilities for them to do anything about it. It is in this context that micro and macro policy interventions are justified, not only for women in rural Pakistan, but in any place where women experience any kind of deprivation and stubborn rules and restrictions. But I am proud to conclude that no amount of suppression and domination can underlie the motives and struggles of strong independent women.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-09-16
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