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Whats The Roots of Terrorism

The article is about the current situation of Pakistan regarding terrorism .The purpose of this article is to dispel this myth that economic growth and education alone will bring terrorism level .People think or we think that these terror are poor and teen ager  who have nothing live for that turned to terrorism. Mostly people think that link unemployment with crime and think that unemployment is the cause of terrorism .this point of view was shared by top academic and leader of the world like former US president George Bush Junica Stern Bill Clinton Abdullah of Jordan and many others .Inspire of this is not as simple and the relation between poverty and crime. Not a single study proves that terrorism has economic root. In a recent review of literature by Maltin Gassbener and Simon Luechinger  .it is proved that poverty is not the reason of terrorism. It is associated with the lack of liberties and high population growth.These people are not poor uneducated and brain washed people. The entire research militant in Pakistan belongs mostly from middle class well educated families and it is found tha poor people are 23 times more illdisposed to terrorism as compared to 15 middle class.Writters on research says that terrorism is not an economic issue. Terrorism reduced GDP of national income but increase GDP if national income does not reduced terrorism. If economy is the reason than increased in economy should reduced terrorism. It is not economic it is the political phenomenon. Witter relates terrorism with voting behavior of people. People want to express themselves by terrorism. It is one of the reasons of terrorism that people do not freedom to express politically.These are not people who have nothing to live for but they are educated people who have cause to die for and freedom is the solution.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 04-09-16
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