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This article mainly deals with the idea that the scientific perspective which so influences our awareness is not as true as it may seem at first. It hides as much as it shows. It presents us a deformed image of what reality is. According to science reality is thought to be made up of objects and events that have nothing to do with the observer. It is thought to be 100 percent objective regardless of our perceptions of it. But is this what reality really is Let’s take the example of a tree. What is a tree to the ancient civilizations certain trees were sacred and were thought to be inhabited by gods. To a child who has a tree house the tree is a place to play or a place of refuge. To the artist it is a thing of aesthetic beauty. To a lumberjack it is timber and to the logging company it is a source of profit. To a scientist it is just a living organism capable of both respiration and photosynthesis with a specific place in the botanical classification. Does the scientist explains us what a tree really is or does he just give us one way of looking at it We must say that the tree is not actually holy or really beautiful because these concepts are too modified. Does it mean that the only true concept of the tree is the scientific one?

However what science does to the importance of things is rather unusual. Since the beginning of mankind we have been trying to get the idea of what things mean to us. Our job is not to interpret things and give them a space in our lives but our job is to explain their causes and try to tell the future they hold instead

Nonetheless the point here is not that there are lots of different views about reality. The point is that societies form their own reality. Take the example of human rights. From the scientific point of view there is no such thing as human rights. There are individuals with genes and hormones and drives but no rights. But if a society has the right laws and the right institutions for implementing and upholding those laws then human rights become a social fact. Reality for us is first and foremost a social construction but we often forget that somewhat because of a specific scientific view of what is truly objective.

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Pulished date: 05-09-16
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