What is Rap Music? Its types and Effects of Rap music on listeners

Music has somewhat very close relationship with humans. Some people listen music when they are happy, some listen to songs when they are sad. So while talking about a relationship between music and man, music play significant role in switching the mood of a person from sad to joyous or from joyous to sad. Music also play its role in making some events joyous or more memorable.so talking about music there are several kinds of music with different genre including hip hop classical , pop ,and many more. So let’s talk about hip hop music often known as rap music. In this article I will mainly discuss

What is rap music?

Rap music mainly involves speaking or rhyming lyrics set to beat even with the music of drum piano with a lot of bass. People mainly go for hiphop music  when it fit their realities in life. As rap music mainly include no vocals but it includes stories of their own or the people or any recent event. All it includes is a bass, or any instrument mainly drum and a voice of a singer singing .If rap music is so simple including a bass or any instrument and a voice of singer so what make it the most targeted one genre?

Why rap music is mostly criticized by the people?

Rap music is itself not polite it includes many slang words that make it unable to listen. Even many parents never want their kids listen rap music or hip hop music. The reason can be that it includes such lyrics that there is no difference between seeing anything bad as the video contain many bad things in it because the videos are as bad as the lyrics are or the reason can be the abusive language used in it that parents don’t want their children to adapt or listen. How rap music really started?

History of Rap music

 It started years ago when western Africans were telling stories rhythmically and several beats of drums are considered sufficient for its accomplishment. Snoop dog and certain other rappers rule the charts at this time so as Eminem one of the most popular white rapper. Rap has stood the test of time and now has gained so much popularity either negatively or positively. The beat does really goes on.  Rap has somewhat positive impact on the others but most of the time it’s negative. So first look at its some positive aspect .when talking about positivity let’s talk about the Muslim rapper Kamal Saleh. He is one of the most influential rapper and he is my personal favorite. His every rap contains something that is attractive. His raps mainly include about mum, about white and black people, about Jewish views, religion and many more. They actually have something worth listening. After listening to his rap for two or three minutes it makes u feel like u have not wasted your time but gained something good. His every rap has a very strong message behind it. All it contains is information or knowledge about something which people need to listen. He neither criticized anyone nor makes it specific for someone, it is for everyone. His raps never contain any slang words in it in fact it is so pure that people want to listen it again and again. Even Will Smith sent a good message to children and has outwardly spoken about vulgar language in rap. When there is positivity there are always some negative points.

Different Views of people about Rap Music (hip hop music)

 So lets discuss some negative points everyone has heard of Eminem, snoop dog, 50 cent, Lil Wayne, Kanye west, Jay Z, yoyo honey Singh, and many more. There is a list of rappers in the music industry. All the rap music contain is numbers of slang word in every line but still they are gaining popularity as Grammy awards this year also contain a category for the best rapper. At one side when parents are complaining and taking actions against hip hop or so called rap music and still on the other side there are group of people promoting it. This kind of rap maybe surprising but is popular for a reason as according to some people rap reflects the deep feelings that are shared by many members of a culture. They also want their leaders to listen instead of censoring the artists. And have their sites as well.

Bad Effect of Rap Music

Talking about the bad effect of rap on teens according to me it has an adverse effect. All it contains is violence and nothing else. They glorify the acts of beating other person, or even worse shooting them. When talking about videos all it contains are half naked women. The point is what is the purpose of showing half naked women? Some girls have many eating disorders or other emotional disorders so that they look fit, good, and attractive to boys. Not only the videos but songs also have such lyrics that make it appealing for others to watch its video.

Negative Effects of Rap music on Childrens

According to research children are at devastating risk by listening to these kinds of songs. After studying it was founded that those who use to see videos of rap music or listen to it are more likely to have abusive language problem, hit the teacher twice, got arrested, and likely to get STDs, and more usage of drugs and alcohol. And they don’t find it bad to use slang words, hang out with boys, and bad dressing. According to rappers words like nigga and bitch which are considered bad and by white peoples they don’t use it for them but the languages like this is used by them every day either for boys or for girls. According to rappers thy think that kids are all grown up and they know what is right and what is wrong, parents don’t need to worry about their kids. But researchers advise the parents to keep an eye on their children because the language rappers use in their songs are not shocking for them because they use these kinds of words in their daily life as not everyone is used to it.

Future of Rap Music

In 2026 rap music seems to be consisting of more slang words and violence. People use to fight by rapping. There will be some sites created regarding to the promotions of new singers which says more abusive language and violence more you get promotion. On that site one can simply upload its rap consisting of their personal fight and some slang words and they become popular by sitting in home. All their music will contain is a song full of bass and nothing else or will have some A cappella group in them which includes some people who can sing and create voices of certain instruments by themselves from piano to even bass. But I wish that it should be at least pure from slang words and there should be something’s in it worth listening but it doesn’t seem to be like the way I wanted it to be.


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