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What is Biohack and Types of Biohack

First of all we have to know that what in actual bio hacking and bio hack types and bio hack eyes is? There are two bio hack types of definitions of bio-hacking bio hack types and bio hack eyes one is general and the other one is a scientific definition .Therefore in general we define bio hack types as a fairly new practice that can lead to major changes in our life. We can call it citizen and do-it-your-self biology. It usually takes place in small labs mostly non-university where all kinds of people get together to explore biology. It mostly involves the manipulation of genes and DNA.

Types of Bio-hack

On the other hand scientifically it is defined as To use systems thinking biology science and self experimentation to take control of and upgrade our body our life and our mind. Bio hacking and bio hack types is a sort of pool game we are playing with our genes and DNA. Recently many inventions regarding bio hacking and bio hack types have been introduced in a scientific world one of which is a Bio hack eyes . Bio hacking and bio hack types and bio hack eyes involves manipulation with our bio hack eyes retina and dilution of pupils with some bio hack eye drops for night vision which was invented by Dr .illyas Washington in California.

It has been found that this drug for bio hack eyes has been made from some sort of a form of chlorophyll found in some deep sea - animals. The main ingredient of bio hack types is the bio hack eye drop solution is Chlorine e6. Its found in some deep sea fish facilitating them to find their way around underwater and its also been used to treat humans with poor night vision. In essence it creates a microscopic chemical reaction that intensifies low light sources as they pass through. The Ce6 subject identified the distant figures 100 percent of the time with the controls showing a 33 % identification rate.

The study of the drug reveals the bio hack type that one with bio hack eyes which is the bio hack types can watch clearly in dark without any problem with his vision but it still hasnt been proved valid yet. However, along with every new scientific invention we have both positive and negative effects as always in humans case. True to the fact recently it has been published that No Bio hackers did not just discover bio hack eye drops which give you night vision but using them also damages our eyesight. That drug Ce6 the bio hack type is for bio hack eyes reduces the potential for bright light exposure. Unfortunately due to the weak design of this experiment we really cannot conclude anything conclusively about the true effect of Ce6 on night vision. The results reported are purely unreliable although Washington has already shown the idea of bio hack eyes which is the bio hack type should work in the end we still do not know. Hence application of scientific tools on humans are usually not fruitful as their adverse effects also come along with them which may affect human body in different ways. In a nutshell we can say that Science is not the only way of acquiring knowledge about ourselves and the world around us. Humans can acquire understanding in many other ways such as In a through literature arts rational reflection and religious experiences. Through literature arts rational reflection and religious experiences.

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Pulished date: 05-23-16
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