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If one talk about wearable devices in a gathering, one will quickly hear about smart watches, Samsung galaxy gears, fitness trackers and glasses projects like Google glass etc. Wearable technology, wearable devices, or fashion electronics are accessories having computer and advanced electronic technologies. The designs often possess practical functions and features. Wearable devices can be used for a number of purposes as for example, for taking a picture using voice commands or keeping a record of daily calorie expenditure or receiving inbound messages. Moreover, Wearable devices can be used for personal as well as business purposes. Wearable technology is on the rise in both personal and business use. By the use of wearable technology, medical research would be transformed resulting in reduced health care costs. Also, the Gross Developmental Progress GDP would increase and the insurance costs would be declined. Talking about the applications of wearable devices, we can say that they have got amazing applications in daily life.

Much new applications of them would come out from the fusion of different technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data. Currently, one of the most recognizable and notable wearable device is Google glass. It is being tweaked for optimal uses. Google glass is beginning to promise to offer some amazing possibilities especially in the field of health care. While the impact of wearable technology is much more evident in entertainment, education and communication but it may be the health care sector where it stand out to have the greatest potential. Google glass is a perfect example of this notion. Physicians and Surgeons all around the world have experimented with this devices.

Now the physicians anticipate that a day will come when the MRI would pinpoint the exact location of mass inside patient’s body. On the other hand, smart watches have not been successful until now because they are not very much appealing to be wore on the wrist. It is yet expected that the Apple watch may change this perception as it is more promising technology and will be bringing more uses and applications. The apple watch would be a perfect combination of social networking, entertainment and communication incorporating all such applications a customer wants. It already has the ability to do much more, including the gamification of health care. Nowadays even the smartphones are having the health related applications that are useful for enhancing fitness and health. Gamification of health care involves playing games with friends such as lowering the body cholesterol level. Some scientists are also looking for an e skin that is actually a layer of LED that turns into an actually functional screen fitted in a human like skin. So we can say that, there are many devices that are currently being used on the near and far horizons for personal, professional and patient uses as well.

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