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Upgrading the Human Species and How Environment Makes Moderate Human

By no other means Upgrading defines itself very well to be a change in environment ,person or place which upgrade it . Upgrading meaning improvement or usefulness of thing or a person. let considering ourselves if we ask an anthropologist what we are as a species? You might get a response explaining the main branches or epochs of human evolution. Biological developments and environmental changes caused the differences in each step from Australopithecines to Neanderthals to the  Homo   genus. Our  eye brows became less sloped it is because our brains got bigger, or we stood more upright so that we could run faster, and so on.

These little advances decided which of the various human subspecies ultimately won out, although scientists still have conflict regarding  on exactly how or why this happened. Whatever the case, we are today  and have been for the past two hundred thousand years or so the last surviving subspecies , they are the "homo sapiens ". But that doesn’t really answer the question. The definition of what we are can’t be limited to simple biological evolution because that branch of science doesn’t exclusively explain what it is to be human. As any student of psychology knows, people are a combination of both biological and sociology product, which involves their upbringing and surroundings. In this classic nature-versus-nurture dichotomy, the long-debated question is which of the two exerts more influence in determining who we are in the very past years hundreds of species were competing for limited resources and they were to adapt to the environment they get so quickly, hence the bigger brains, better posture, and other physiological changes then took place over a relatively short time period. but gradually as the home sapiens won out the no. Of species declined .

Human Species

Business cycles behave in the same way. In a given industry, companies compete for market share with a certain product or service. When one emerges the winner and ultimately becomes a monopoly, innovation slows and sometimes stops entirely.  we can say that  Homo sapiens   are like Microsoft, except they monopolized evolution rather than the home computer software market. If an anticipant regulator back then had quashed that evolutionary monopoly, innovation might have continued at the same pace, meaning we all would have wings and psychic powers by now. But that didn’t happen, which is why we’re not   Homo superior   or the super powered mutants found in X-Men comics. Man has evolved into a different kind of species. Some say that human mostly resembles apes the evolutionary decants  of early ages. Upgrading the human species doesn't only involve changes in human which has brought about a big change  in itself but, it also highlights the usefulness or improvement in human life. In the early time there was no mode for communication at all. people were used to it .But as time goes on changes became bigger and now we can say that human life is robot.  nowadays another thing which has brought a revolutionary change is


Environment  has a great effect on human life. It is due to environment  that human decent  from apes and home sapiens. In 1965, chemist and businessman Gordon Moore observed that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit had doubled every year since it was invented in 1958. He estimated the trend would continue for at least another decade. He was right in his basic evaluation but wildly wrong, in a good way, about the time frame. His observation became Moore’s Law and has expanded into a golden rule that governs pretty much all of technology. Generally speaking, it posits that the performance and power of just about all forms of technology double every two years or so, yet prices stay the same or decline. This is largely why everything from computers to phones gets more powerful, cheaper, or both every year. It’s also why that flat-panel TV you bought for thousands of dollars a few years ago is worth practically nothing today. Moore later cofounded Silicon Valley stalwart Intel, which has kept his theory alive and moving. Moore’s Law has fueled many of the dramatic technological advancements of the past half-century, from the moon landing to the Internet. Just about every digital electronic component benefits from fast and steady improvements in price and performance. Latest technologies have come into existence and those who were there became even better so far. The real magic, meanwhile, happens when those various components in new and captivating way. let consider latest products of technologies : microphone , laptops, immobilizer, computer ,speaker, memory storage, graphics chip, wireless radio, and touch screen. Each of these items was taken after huge research and thus development, and each became better, smaller, and cheaper over that time. For example, early microphones — big, bulky metallic things — cost a small fortune. Today, they’re pin-sized and can be had for pennies. Computer processors and their constituent circuits used to take up entire rooms, whereas now you need a microscope to see them. What happens when you combine all of those ingredients?

A Smartphone, one device that really consists of many technologies. A typical Smartphone contains thousands of singular innovations ruled by Moore’s Law that collectively combine into something far more powerful. They stack on one another, each new invention making possible a whole host of newer inventions. As the stack advances and builds, the rate at which the innovations accrue also increases. The pieces might move slowly at first, but, once the numbers start to build, they multiply rapidly.

The best way to understand Moore’s Law is through the old story about the invention of chess. A clever inventor takes his game to the emperor of the land, who is so impressed that he tells the man to name his reward. With the passage of time things got even useful and comfortable . Mobile phones the latest technology  ever has come up with a change that has advantages uncountable. Another biggest revolution is the use of genetic techniques which have given us clues about DNA technology ,genetic recombination. People nowadays can easily  check  the homogeneity  and gender of developing baby .not only this but by this any defect in a baby can be observable. Gene mutation, anatomical defects’ must say people in the past were genius but they didn't knew how to utilize their capabilities .but human nowadays are super genius .

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