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The curious incident of dog in the night time: Summary and findings with Dynamic Social Aspects

This novel is the brilliance of Mark Haddons choice of narrator. Christopher is a fifteen year old boy who likes dogs because they are faithful and sincere animals and they donate has the ability to speak so they cannot be liars. A Thursday night when he was walking through his street he saw a dog lying on the ground with the forks point which had gone all the way through the dog with the blood leaking from the hole so he lift the dog into his arms and hug him. After sometime he saw Mrs Shear running towards him and shouting on him who kills my dog? The shout of that lady scares him and he began to step backward. Then after some time police arrives at the spot and began to investigate Christopher and through the frequent confusing questions he got confused and cannot be able to speak and hunched up with his forehead on the ground just to chill him. At that moment the policeman tried to stand him up but he got frightened hit him so the policeman arrested him. After his father was informed he came there for the bale of his son and asks his son to stay away from other peoples business and from the mystery of dogs murder. When he reached home he does not find his mother then he comes to know that she had heart attack and is hospitalized he wanted to meet his mother but his father donate permit him. After some days he is informed that his mother died but anyway he forgot the sad incident and start solving the mystery of death of that dog and one night he silently jumped into the house of Mrs Shear. in the store room he saw that fork, so he thinks Mrs Shear herself murder her dog but at that moment Mrs Shear came into the room she got shocked when she saw Christ there and threatens him not to interfere more. When Christ goes to school his teacher Mrs Forbes said that your mother goes to heaven but he did not believe in that kind of sough but thinks that as his mom was burnt and her ash was thrown in the air so he believe that his mom is near him everywhere in the air snow and rain also. then he starts directly investigating people but cant be able to find any clue. He only come to know about Mr shear that he had not good terms or relations with his wife mrs shear so he thinks that Mr shear might be a murderer of dog just to hurt his wife but all go in vain when mrs shear ask the father of Christ about the incident. His father got mad and asks him that it was his last chance and stay away from all that bloody things. Then Christ decides to leave. Then he came through a lady Mrs Alexander who reveals the whole truth about the death of his mom, she tells him that mr shear was very close friend of her mom but due to some reasons their relation break up he is definitely the murderer of his mom but promised him not to tell his father. At last the whole truth reveals that actually his father was the murderer of that dog and as his parents donat have good relations with each other and both of them thinks that they can not be able to live together so got separated and Christos father lie him that his mother was dead but she was actually living in some other city independently.
Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 03-26-16
Springer with the Collaboration of LearnRnd
Source URL:http://www.learnrnd.com/detail.php?id=The_curious_incident_of_dog_in_the_night_time:_Summary_and_findings_with_Dynamic_Social_Aspects

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