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The Traitor Novel:Summary and all findings with Social Dynamic Aspects

The first thing Eragon saw next morning was Nausadas face. He was tired and his back was aching. He had a flashback of all the happenings. The death of his uncle, Broms holy face, his journey through different cities, saving Arya, killing the Shade, everything passed through his mind in a second. Since the fight, Eragon had been having weird dreams. He would see water everywhere. Though, Eragon had recovered but this backache sometimes still hurt him. Nausada brought him a cup of tea and some mashed potatoes. Nausada and Eragon were married a couple of months after the fight against the Urgals. Ajihad was really pleased by this decision. Eragon together with Ajihad was working for the people of Varden. They were trying to get things back to normal. Many women had lost their husbands and the orphans kids had to be took care for. The rehabilitation of many soldiers was still going on. There was this unrest in him. Something wasn’t going right. But Saphira comforted him. She knew him more than anyone else did. Nausada was also supporting her man in the bad times. Saphira had recovered from her injury that she received on the chest. Eragon still could not believe that his dragon can exhale smoke and fire. Saphira, on the other hand, was jealous by the new inclusion in Eragon’s life, Nausada. Although Nausada was really caring and kind towards Saphira, she always felt that Eragon was going away from him. Eragon tried to assure her that she had an equal importance. Ajihad was trying to calm things down between the elves and dwarves, both wanting to teach Eragon. Eragon was now a Rider but still he needed a lot of training. He had a long way to go before attaining that supreme point. Things were better in the Varden than before, however, a few strange things had happened in the past week. A dwarf family had gone missing. The search was on but Ajihad got nothing. The twins got some clue in the fields of Tronjheim. The bracelet of Helen, the youngest of the missing dwarf family, was found in the maize field. Orik had become a very close friend of Eragon and everyone used to call him Eragons right hand. Eragon very often used to remember his great friend Brom, who he also referred as his father. His teachings, advices all had helped Eragon move on in his life. The next Friday, he decided to go for sword fighting practice. His backache was well. Saphira advised him to have some more help but Eragon felt alone laying on the bed. There he was doing what he does the best. Henry did his best to block the shot but an injured Eragon proved too strong for him. Henry admired Eragon and wanted to be like him. He had been learning sword fighting and was pretty good. Eragon and Henry sat down to take some rest. Orik came running and told Eragon that a house got on fire. Eragon hurried towards that house and was relieved to know that no one was injured. Ajihad called Eragon to his room. The spectacle didn’t seem to be an accident. Someone did this on purpose. Eragon agreed with Ajihad’s point of view. That night he couldn’t sleep thinking of what happened during the day. Saphira told him he was over-thinking and things would be fine. Nausada also asked Eragon to sleep and take some rest and that they would talk about the matter in the morning. Boom! Eragon woke up at the middle of the night because he heard some explosion nearby. There were cries all around. He went outside to see the situation. In the maize field, smoke and fire raised. Orik and the twins came to him. They told Eragon that they were asleep when they heard the explosion. Ajihad was at the site of explosion and was monitoring the incident. Baam! Another explosion. Arya, Murtagh, Nausada, and Saphira all were there with Eragon. Eragon asked Saphira to fly him to the maize field. The dwarf king and Ajihad were shocked by the recent events. Several men whose houses were close got injured. Eragon approached Ajihad but suddenly he saw some shade. Here came the Urgals. Eragon shouted, Saphira came to the rescue. He jumped on Saphira and got out his sword. Saphira tore few Urgals into the pieces. The soldiers came out in an emergency. Everyone was taken aback. Urgals were moving forward in the city. Archers started their attack to buy Ajihad enough time who wanted women and children to evacuate. Urgals were proving too strong for the unprepared Varden. More blood being drawn because of me, Eragon thought. He asked Saphira to fly him at a higher altitude. He jumped from Saphira to land a blow at the chest of the Urgal who had killed five men. As he landed on the ground, he heard Nausada crying. He ran towards the camp. Ajihad lay their covered in blood. He was dying. Eragon was losing another close one. He couldn’t take it anymore. Eragon kneeled down to Ajihad. Ajihad smiled and asked Eragon to take good care of his daughter. Tears in eyes and anger compelled Eragon out of the room. He collected himself and went to the battlefield. He gave a powerful speech to his men. Motivated by his speech, every soldier gave their heart out. Soon, the scenario of the battle changed. Urgals got scared by the sudden attack. They won; they were victorious. Eragon embraced Saphira. Eragon went to the camp, he found Nausada. She consoled her but she couldn’t hold back her tears. Someone patted at Eragon’s back. It was Murtagh. He wanted to tell him something important. Eragon left Nausada alone. It was then when Saphira came in. she consoled Nausada. Saphira felt for Nausada who had just lost her parents. Outside the camp, Murtagh told Eragon something that made him mad. He took his sword and hurriedly went to the ground. All the soldiers were there. Orik and the twins too. He summoned Orik and the twins. The real enemy was within them. Eragon told Orik and the twins that Murtagh had heard all their evil plans. During the battle with the Urgals, they had helped a few Urgals run away and they were the ones who assisted the Urgals to come back. They were being paid heavily for this. Eragon cut off the heads of the traitors. The next morning, Eragon talked to the Varden. The people were pleased to have him as the new head. Ajihad always saw a leader in him. Saphira, Murtagh, and his wife were delighted to see him reaching new heights.
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