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The Selection:Summary and Analytical Review

The novel "SELECTION " written by KIERA CASS revolves around the story of an 18 years old girl, named America who was living in a caste system society and when her country's prince named Maxon came of age, she is entered into a selection with 34 other girls all competing to become the Prince’ wife and wins his heart .America singer had an artistic background that's why she had a talent for music and she made that talent her passion. She was the third one of her family with two siblings and parents struggling for better life. Government just announced the selection, an opportunity for young women. The selection was a process where 34 girls will be selected for crown prince Maxon to meet and from that pool, he must choose a wife. America refused to take part in that selection Because she was in love with Aspen,a young boy who was one cast lower than her.

They both must kept their romance secret for many reasons but hoped for future together, apart from this aspen also had a boult of guilt of not being able to provide for America. He made her promise to sign her for selection so he knew that she at least had a chance of glorious life. His plea, backfired and America is selected to partake in selection to the happiness of her mother and sister. In addition to possibly becoming one(royalty)America is instantly elevated to a three. terms of selection include  becoming a property of royal crown and since she was meant to be there for maxon alone, any flirting, dating, writing love letter to other boys ,will be considered treason. America and Aspen had altercation and atlast America left that country assuming that Aspen was in love with someone else and had no plan to marry her at all. On her way to palace, she met other girls, whom she was to be competed against.One of the girl became friend with America while some showed disgrace towards her. Finally America arrived to the palace with 34 other girls, but on very first night she had a panic attack and she ran outside, a palace forbidden due to safety issues. Luckily prince Maxon found her and their his accidental meeting lead to their friendship. while she admited that she was there by accident.On the next morning during their formal introduction, she made a deal with him and asked her that if he allows her to stay at palace to avoid Aspen ,she will be his friend and surely help him choosing better life partner. By the end of this introduction only 23 girls were left. America and Maxon soon find themselves divulging into each other and becoming increasingly close.

During her stay at the palace, America heard that rebels often attack palace, and through a course of novel,two attacks took place.But America sticked around because now she had some feeling towards Maxon and also she was trying to shove Maxon and Marlee,a selected girl to come together.But,Marlee had some secret and seemed uninterested in the young prince.Now novel took a turning point while America was enjoying her life, she ran into Aspen who was drafted and then transferred to the palace as soldier. Torn, America realized that she was still in  love with Aspen but now her feeling for Maxon grows stronger. One night, maxon finally expresses his feelings to America and asked her if  she could ever love him, she replied that it is possible. Another attack took place at palace and, in the aftermath Maxon declared that ,he will only kept six girls he genuinely  believed he had future with, and sent the rest of the girls to their homes for their safety. The remaining  six girls were known as the Elite,Maxon told America  that if he could be sure, she was just around for him and not for avoiding Aspen,he would have already chosen her .Likewise Aspen told America that despite it being illegal he would fight for her because he loves her...At last,America realized  that the selection was now her lifetime and she had to live her whole life in  palace with Maxon as a wife bacause, she had done  commitment with Maxon which she had to fulfill .Secondly, she had no way to run out of palace as it was impossible.                                                                                BEST PART OR OPINION: the best part of novel was surely the one when she genuinely wanted to be friends and this let the audience saw her true personality. I like it's told in first person by America we get to make discoveries same time she did. what I like about America is the way she remained true to herself,she hadn't chosen a wrong option, but in spite she made her promise a reality by being loyal to Maxon.Her inner struggle while dealing with Maxon and Aspen was also very repeatable. Secondly prince was a very humble and charming person who cared for people.

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Pulished date: 04-16-16
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The Selection:Summary and Analytical Review

The novel "SELECTION " written by KIERA CASS revolves around the story of an 18 years old girl, named America who was living in a caste system society and when her country's prince named...more

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