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The Ocean at the End of the Lane Novel Summary and Full Analysis

The novel ,The ocean at the end of the lane is written by Neil Gaiman. He is an English author. He has written many novels comic books and theater films etc. He has put an enormous amount of effort to get the right tone of words. He has won many awards for his hard work. He joined journalism and rewrite many novels. Summary The novel start with the middle aged man who attended the funeral of his family member. Then he wanders in the town to avoid people because he does not want to receive condolences. So in order to get rid from these people he went to the farmhouse. He was living there in his childhood. He does not have any friends except one the Lettie Hempstock. She is the girl living at the farmhouse. She was the only friend of the narrator. There was also a pond. Lettie thinks that this pond is actually an ocean. There was a boarder from South Africa named Opal Miner. He was found dead in narrator s father s car. After this strange things happened to them. For an instance the narrator was almost died by the coin which gets stocked in the narrator s throat. Thanks to Lettie she saved him from death. Narrator s mother starts to do a job. The lady named Ursala Monkton takes care of them after his mother. The boy does not like her because he thinks that she is creating havoc by giving people what they want. He thinks that she is from another world. He wants to get rid of her. Lettie knows how to get rid of her i.e the hunger birds. When the birds attacked Ursula the boy was also with her. The birds attacked on them. Once again Lettie saved the boy by jumping between the hunger birds. In doing so she was badly injured and then she was put in the pond .The pond which she thinks that that was an ocean. The boy was told that Lettie has gone to America. Theme The memories are associated with the places and visiting those places cause those memories to pop up and we start to reminisce them. My opinion It was very interesting novel. Although it was boring in the start but as we proceed the novel took us to another world of memories. The novel was telling us all about the past memories of the narrator. It was an incredible gem of novel. My feelings while reading the novel when i started the novel i thought it was so damn boring novel. But as i took interest it brings me to another world of memories. I like this novel very much. For me it was so interesting and full of past life instances. In short it was incredibly awesome.
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