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The Miniaturist Novel Summary

After death of Johannes and Merlin property was handed over to Nella because she was the only relative left after their death. A cute little 12 year old girl named jasmine calling Nella mother living in same horrified house. Nella has become more mature and brave taking care of her daughter alone living with Cornelia her maid who take care of jasmine in her absence.Jasmine asked Nella many times about her father as her classfellows teases her about her father but Nella never told her about where is his father .jasmine get really offended sometimes but does not wanted to disturb her mother as she is a business women running sugar business with Agnes that was previously run by Johannes and carrying a lot of responsibilities. One of the room of their house is closed and jasmine has curiosity about what is behind that closed door but Nella never told her and forbade her to go there. Nella has to go to some other country for a business tour. Jasmine and Cornelia are all alone when jasmine finds Cornelia sleeping she somehow manages to open that mysterious door and start seeing what inside the room. Suddenly she sees that miniature doll house which looks like exact her own house with small dolls and stuff she is not familiar with. That miniature house also contain Nella small dummy and also a letter on which an address is written. She hide that miniature house in her pocket because she is really surprised to see that little house and wanted to know about it and again closes the door like the way it was so that nobody get to knows that she went into that room. Nella is back from her tour and does not notices that room at all whether it was open or not because jasmine closes it the way it was. Jasmine goes into her room afer meeting Nella closes her room door so that nobody sees her and takes out that miniature doll house from her pocket and start observing it. She is really curious and desparately wants to know about what these dolls show just like her mother when she got that house from her ex husband Johannes. Next day she goes to that address which was on that chit after her school. There she meets with miniaturist who tells her the whole story explains her briefly about each and every person in that house .she really gets shocked because her mother Nella never told her about Johannes and merlin and also Meermans .She gets really angry because miniaturist does tell her about whole reality  and just gives her a small dummy of doll looking like nurse and a small diary and tell her to put it into miniature house and give her a clue that these things will tell u reality but u have to search for it. In a very angry manner she goes to her home and ask Nella about Johannes Merlin and Meerman she ask her why don’t u tell me about them and where are they now. Nella  doesn’t give her answer and scolds her and order her to sleep. This makes jasmine more curious and her feeling for Nella starts changing she starts her hating .Suddenly jasmines sees that nurse dummy wearing particular uniform of hospital and next day she goes in search of that nurse after great time and a lot of struggle she finally manages to meet that nurse and ask her what she knows about brandt house .Nurse told her that Nella bribed her not to tell anyone that small little girl was Merlin s daughter. She also tells her that Johannes was her uncle and husband of Nella and her father was Meerman.

Jasmine get shocked and start crying as different secrets were revealing in front of her like   close mysterious doors. She decides to meet merman his father so she investigates about him and finally manages to meet him and ask her why he left her mother alone why he didn’t marry her. He is really cunning and manages to convince her through her fake descriptions and tells her it’s all fault of Nella and Johannes they does want me to live with your mother. He becomes successful in filling jasmine mind hatred about nella. Jasmine has many questions in her mind that why Nella paid the nurse why she never told him about Johannes and merlin did Nella killed them for property. All these questions build strong hatred in her mind and she makes a plan with meerman to kill Nella. Jasmine is really happy that she is going to take revenge of her mother with Nella and then she and her father will live happily but suddenly she finds a diary in Nella room which resembles exactly the little diary in miniature house.When she reads it she gets really shocked she is weeping cant even stands on her feet because she gets to know that Nella has done nothing in fact  Nella  was the only one who take care of her when nobody  even accepted her as she was mysterious baby and nobody know about her father and mother. After   knowing  all the reality and knowing that Merman betrays her she rushes to save Nella s life as Merman was going to kill her .she reaches the spot and nella and jasmine struggle and fight against him. They hide themselves in closet but he finds them and tries to kill them both so that he gets all the property and business of jasmine and Nella. While he is about to attack Nella  Jasmine hit him hard on his head from back. He Becomes unconscious they call police and makes him arrest .Jasmines now loves Nella more from bottom of her heart as she knows all sacrifices made by nella for her . They goes to that miniaturist home and ask her who is she and how does she know all facts of their life . They again get to know a shocking fact that miniaturist was Nella s and Merlin s mother and she left the home after knowing these facts and that’s why she told these facts to Nella in the foam of miniature house so that she didn’t get deceive or cheated by Johannes and Merlin. They take her home with them. Jasmine makes her mom Nella married to a loving and caring man and they all live happily after.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 03-09-16
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