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The Mayor of Casterbridge: Brief Summary and all research Findings

As in the first part we came to know about the death of Micheal Henchard Elizabeth Jane and Fanfare found his deaths place. Then according to Henchards will Elizabeth Jane and Farfrae manage to burry him next to Susan. They do so in order to Provide his soul with a bit of relief. After finishing this the young couple used to visit the graveyard every weekend. Although Elizabeth was not the biological daughter of Henchard but in her heart of hearts she felt bad for him. The life full of hopelessness and complete despair he has been through his life made her feel much worried. She discussed her situation with her husband Farfrae. He being so understanding in nature suggested doing something that would benefit his soul so for that they decided to establish a Medical Center majorly a Rehabilitation Center which they attributed to Henchard and named it M.Henchard Rehabilitation Complex. This step made Elizabeth feel much better regarding him and his life after death. Newson the sailor offers his services voluntarily as the Administrator of the complex. Farfrae despite being busy in his duties and responsibilities as the mayor gave time to it and contributed for its betterment. Meanwhile Elizabeth Jane and Farfrae are blessed with a baby boy whom they named as Joseph. As the time passed Elizabeth Jane felt about the loneliness of his Daddy Newson. So she insisted him to get married. Newson initially hesitated a bit but soon agreed to Elizabeth. He got married to a forty two year old Jessica Gomez. He himself being almost fifty or fifty two. Jessica was a nobel lady a fashion designer by profession. Along with her personal business she joined hands with the family and contributed to the Complex. Therefore by the collective effort of everyone the M.Henchard Rehabilitation Complex was internationally acknowledged. With every step of success Elizabeth Jane became more and more contented. After a time period of almost three years Elizabeth expected to have a baby again. The beautiful couple cherished that moment to its fullest. But unfortunately their happiness did not persist longer. Elizabeth while giving birth to the new angel lost her life. Doctors claimed Anemia to be the cause of Janes death. This might be related to the mental torture she faced earlier in her life. This tragic loss of E.Jane put everyone into the state of depression and lifelessness. Especially Farfrae who lost his better half was in a terrible condition because in his early life too after his first marriage he faced the same scenario. After bearing too much pain he had been able to enjoy his life with Elizabeth who was no more with him. But as it is said that Time heals every wound so Farfrae also recovered and came back to life. He kicked off with the daily routine work. Also the presence of Bella was a source of constant pleasure to him. Whenever he saw her she reminded him of Elizabeth Jane. Joseph started his school life at Edens International Bradford. Everyone was busy in their routine and so was Farfrae but Newson was well aware of the fact that Farfrae needed a supporting wife and a mother to his Beautiful children. He always thought of Farfrae as his own son.He one evening talked to Farfrae regarding his concern. Farfrae asked for some time to ponder over it and to discuss it with Joseph who was in a growing age. He thought about it but couldnt make his mind clear so He left it up to time. Meanwhile Farfrae appointed his new secretary Alexandra who was Jessicas niece. Alex was a girl of unlimited qualities. She was adorable caring and intelligent as well. She being a business graduate impressed Farfrae with her skills. With the passage of time Farfrae developed an extraordinary bonding with her that once he had with Lucetta and Elizabeth Jane. He proposed her also he was very hopeful. Alex who herself was twenty nine couldve got someone of her age but she was highly crushed by Farfraes personality. So she accepted his proposal and both of them got married within a few weeks. As expected Alex looked Gorgeous though Farfrae being almost fifteen years older looked just as young as her. His charismatic personality was the reason every single girl in the town liked him. Alex not only proved she to be the best wife but also made everyone recognize her as a caring and responsible mother. Joseph and Bella loved her very much. Alex tried her best role to groom both of them. She decided not to have another baby so as to pay her utmost attention to them. She gave her best to eliminate all the deficiencies of their life. Joseph was sent to United States of America for higher studies in political sciences. Since childhood he aimed to become like Farfrae. On the other hand Bella was not much interested in studies but Farfrae was so strict regarding that. Also Alex assisted her that helped her become an average student. As a human being she was so kind sweet and humble. After the completion of her school Alex advised her to go in fashion studies. Meanwhile Joseph got his studies complete and was elected as a parlimentarian. Farfrae was so proud of him and always regarded Alex for their childrens success. Joseph himself had the same thoughts. On the other hand Bella took admission to an Arts College there she met Smith. In their first interaction they got much frank. Within a month they were head over heels in love with each other. The two years of Bellas College passed so quickly. Bella disclosed her relationship before Alex. Due to Smiths repute Alex agreed and promised to support her in this matter. Alex talked to Farfrae. He responded positively. Their wedding was planned in a few days. But at the final day while arriving at the destination Smiths car went through a tragic accident in which he lost his legs. But Bella was so sincere and her love was so deep that this incident didnt bother her anyway. This depicts her nonmaterials and her selfless love for him. Her contentment was the reason of her happy life after marriage. The story closes and everyone lived happily afterwards.
Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 03-26-16
Springer with the Collaboration of LearnRnd
Source URL:http://www.learnrnd.com/detail.php?id=The_Mayor_of_Casterbridge:_Brief_Summary_and_all_research_Findings

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