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THE FAULT IN SEEING OUR STARS:In Dept Analysis,Summary and Review

After Augustus Waters dies, Hazel was devastated. She had not even in her wildest dreams imagined that Gus would die before her and that she’d have to cope up with her degrading health and his loss at the same time.
The night she returned home after attending his funeral she had this hole in her heart. It seemed like the void had grown into an endless pit. The kind of void that absolutely no amount of condolences could fill. But there was something else too, she felt sorry for Mr Van Houten, she felt sorry because his loss was of the same magnitude as hers but nobody seemed to know about it and that didn’t lessen his pain in any way. Hazel tried as hard as she could but somehow she couldn’t drift into sleep like she always did after a tiring day. Something bothered her, a six sense maybe in the back of her mind keeping her awake at such an odd hour. There was more bad news to come.

The next morning she wakes up with a heavy feeling in her chest, her lungs were bailing out on her and she couldn’t help but wonder how soon she’ll be next to Gus, in a world of their own. Where no pain existed. She gets up, changes her clothes, gets ready to leave for Augustus’s house because she felt his family needed her more at this point then she needed them.

Just before leaving her room, her eye catches a blinking red light on her laptop screen. She switches her laptop on and there’s an email from Mr Van Houten .

Hazel sighs. She goes downstairs, has breakfast with Mr and Mrs Grace. They try having a light conversation with her to distract her from the tragedy she had lived through in the past couple of hours. Hazel gets done with her breakfast and leaves for Augustus’s house. Mum offers to drive her there but she refuses. Mrs Grace kisses her daughter and walks her out to the garage.

Hazel drives down to Augustus’s house. She sees a couple of cars parked around his house and immediately panics; she’s never felt comfortable around too many people, mourning people. But to her surprise, she somehow felt better being in his house, surrounded by people who loved him as much as she did. Each one of them sharing their cherished memories with the rest of the people in the room. Suddenly it felt like Augustus was alive again, among them, listening to each of their stories and smirking like he always did. Hazel was so preoccupied remembering him that she hadn’t even noticed that Mr van Houten was also in that room, sitting in a corner. Listening to all their stories as if he had known Augustus for a very long time. Suddenly Hazel receives a call from her neighbors, there has been a gas explosion in her house. Hazel couldn’t cope with the news and felt a tight sensation in her lungs, they were filling up with water and she had caught herself in the middle of a panic attack. Hazel loses her senses.

 Hazel goes into a Comma for 3 months , Mr and Mrs Grace pass away in the gas explosion. Hazel has no immediate relatives in the country. Mr Van Houten adopts her and pays for her treatment. Everyday Mr Houten vists hazel and spends the rest of his day writing the next part of her book sitting next to her bed.


Hazel, comes back to her senses. She goes through extensive therapy and is slowly revealed that her parents are no longer in this world. In the beginning she’s not ready to come to terms with the reality but slowly as the truth sank in, she realized that she had no other option but to live with Mr Houten because not only was he her legal guardian but he was also paying for her college fees and medical treatment. For Mr houten, having somebody else in the house after Anna died was a very pleasant feeling. He felt as if the hole in his heart was finally getting filled and each new day watching hazel recover made him even more alive. The experiment drug they had been using on Hazel was finally working, Her cancer wasn’t growing anymore. There was no news greater than this to Mr Houten. Hazel was slowly recovering, coming back to normal life. College kept her pre occupied for most of the day and she had made new friends in the neighborhood.

Mr houten completes his book, publishes it and receives appreciation from around the globe. Suddenly from being a run away writer he had turned into the best seller. He took hazel with him everywhere, to the book signings, the conferences, the interviews and told everybody that had it not been for hazel he would have never written the next part. During the course of 2 years, Hazel has fully battled cancer and is now the leader at the local church support group. Mr houten donated all his money from his book to the INTERNATIONAL CHILD CANCER FOUNDATION and they’re experimenting new drugs to help children recover quicker. Mr houten had never before felt this contented and satisfied from his life. He was glad that he made the decision to adopt Hazel 2 years ago although most of his family and friends advised him not to. Hazel was thankful and blessed to have a father like Mr houten.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 04-16-16
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