Summary and the Life Findings about novel: To kill a mocking bird
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Summary and the Life Findings about novel: To kill a mocking bird

Harper Lee is one of the most famous novelists. She was awarded the prize on the novel: to kill a mocking bird. Symbolizing the title To kill a mocking bird actually means to kill the innocence. Everyone in our surroundings is wearing a mask of beauty while their inner self is not good. Moreover to kill a mocking also explains the true nature of human beings that what we assume that is right we fix on it but the reality is totally opposite. Main Characters of the novel Scout. narrator of the story Jim: brother of scout Mr. Atticus. widowed father of scout and jim also a lawyer Mr. Tom. accused of beating a woman Evell. father of the woman Mr. Boo Radley. conservative personality Dill. friend of Scout and Jim Summary of the novel Scout and Jim are brother and sisters who live with their father who is a Lawyer.Mr. Atticus is assigned a job to favour and support Mr.Tom a black man who is accused of beating a woman. Scout and Jim are supporting their father and the majority is against them but still there is a person who cares for them a lot but the person remains hidden till the end of the story. Moreover there is a man in the neighborhood of scout named Mr Boo Radley and is highlighted as a very rude and a serious man who is very conservative. Scout has got a bad impression of Mr. Boo Radley though she donot know him. Now when the trail is going on the children are very much conscious about the decision of the judge and Jim is hopeful that the decision will be in favour of Mr Tom since he did nothing wrong. But unfortunately the results were opposite. This creates a bad impression of the Justice and all the goodness of people in Jims mind is vanished. So here the novel title is well suited I.e to kill a mocking bird. Moreover after the results a quarell occurs between Evell and the two children and fortunately the two children are saved by the hero of the novel. The hero of the novel is Mr Boo Radley whom scout considered a bad man. Scout finally realizes that what she thought was wrong and this is the best moral lesson that we get from the novel. My feelings after reading the novel To kill a mocking bird is thought provoking novel which gives a lot of moral lessons. Before pointing out any one else we should first look into ourselves. If we are able to make good decisions of ourselves then only we can judge the people around us. Assignment by Fahama
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