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Summary and its Findings:The Ocean at the End of the Lane

He has put an enormous amount of effort to get the right tone of words in his writings. He has also joined journalism. He interviewed and rewrites many dramas. Summary In the book the ocean at the end of the lane the author is taken aback in his childhood by the unexpected funeral that took in his hometown. The place has attached to it a lot of memories that he could still recall at his middle aged life span. What seems to be more important to him is the house of the girl who expected that the small in her backyard is an ocean the author decided to drop by her house and is greeted by Mrs. Hempstock, her mother. The meeting with Mrs. Hempstock has brought to him a lot of childhood memories. The author seems to be taken aback by the memory of his paying guest in his who stole his fathers car and committed suicide in its back seat, possibly due to gambling debts. the death of this opal miner made the author believe that money was the only reason for peoples death this believe was followed by when the author himself went through a tragedy that involved money element in it however he was saved by the girl who claimed to have ocean at her backyard lettie. Soon the author is revived with the memory of Ursula who was his maid during his young days. He young boy never liked Ursula due to her kindness of providing everyone with what they wanted the author thought that her kindness would cause disadvantage to anyone she has helped in her future and for this reason the author has always grounded himself to avoid her. The most tragedy event that took place in his life was when the hunger birds attacked Letie which left her wounded badly in the pond that she used to call ocean itself and coasted her life. Due to the authors young age he believed that she had moved to Australia. Theme Theme of the novel is that memories are associated with the places and visiting those places cause those memories to pop up and we start to reminisce. My opinion this novel reveals the true feelings of nostalgia when someone goes back to his past memories and almost relives them. Its the beauty of memories. Sometimes unspoken truths are better than naked reality . Growing old is somehow interesting its like solving a riddle of life using memories as hints.
Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 04-11-16
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