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Social networking and its impact on our lives

The social networking sites have a huge impact on our lives, altering it many ways and sometimes controlling them. These mostly target the teenagers who are easily swayed away by their magnificence and often ignoring the fact that they are depriving themselves of real relationships and love. These sites including the more famous ones, face book and tumbler have snatched the expression of lives from people, making them involve in more materialistic things such as how many followers one has or how someone is famous for making pretty much nothing out of illogical memes. These are, however, very useful in connecting people all around the globe, uniting loved ones and friends in a matter of seconds. It may be quite handy at times but the cons outgrow the pros. Before face book and tumbler, people enjoyed themselves during meet-ups but this has not been the case recently. Mostly find it easy to check on others through text messages our visiting them, but on their profile walls! This pretty much cuts out their conversational skills and saves themselves confrontations. It also prevents people from enjoying themselves outside of the technological world and restricts them to certain boundaries like going out with friends our visiting family on weekends. These sites have also changed people’s perception of certain trends, molding them into something that screams the trends opposite altogether. Most effectively, it is a good source of earning from home, within the walls of comfort of one’s sanctuary. But, anyhow, these cuts one off from the real world and the positive interactions. These sites may be beneficial in advancement towards modern approach but they have many adverse effects on younger people, making them less social, earning them solitude and sucking the energy from their lives.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-09-16
Springer with the Collaboration of LearnRnd
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