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Short Summary of Guliver Travels and its Findings

Jonathan swift is an Anglo Irish Satirist, essayist, political pamphleteer. The story has one leading character leumuel Guliver, he belongs to well off family, of England. He was a surgeon by profession in London. But he had great desire of traveling and visiting different parts of world. In this story mainly the writer shows his creativity, an imaginary world of little peoples of about 6 inches. Jonathan Swiftas main character reached Lilliput, city of small people by an accident. But during his stay in Lilliput he learned many lessons about humanity. People of Lilliput took him as a giant and were much afraid of him first but after wards Guliver was able to win their heart by his kindness and passion. Guliver helped people of Lilliput in saving their country, but in return the king of Lilliput decided to kill him badly, by blinding him first. Guliver was very disappointed and hurted to know about such harsh and selfish attitude of the king, The king actually wanted that Gulliver should take over the ships of their defeated enemy & force people of Lilliput to break eggs from small side, as per law. So, at end Guliver decided to move home. But after returning home, he decided for another adventure, two years later. I found this story an excellent example of imaginary world .Because short people do not exist, as to my knowledge. Jonathan very beautifully gave the moral that no human is beyond corruption and no self is contended with what he has, race to get more and more is always present, and in order of achieving more, sometimes we hurt others badly. I agree with the title as it just explains the adventures of Gulliver travels very beautifully and I would prefer it to other because in each adventure of Gulliver travels, a moral lesson is behind. Its a good picture of creativity.
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