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Refugees problems and what causes refugees to leave their country

Refugees are those people who have left their homeland, their loved ones and their country just to save their lives from the causes of evils of their society. Refugees seek safety of their lives against what causes they were been experienced so far .
Refugees have to face ill treatment from their rulers and other people of their country just causes of their caste, religion and race or any other political issue or social opinion.
When people live in their own country with these above mentioned causes they have to suffer a lot from their own people. Their point of view is not supported and they are abused and beaten just to have a different opinion or a caste. People are threatened of their lives and want to move to a safer place.

What causes refugees to leave their country

One more causes of people becoming refugees are the civil wars. When army of other state takes over the country and maltreat the locals of the place just to show themselves superior over them. The dominating persons make the weak their servants , treat them as their labors and abuse them badly of doing any mistake. The women of the controlled people are sexually abused and the men cannot do anything. causes they are warned to be killed if someone speaks ill of rulers. So people move away so they could live their rest of life in respectable way.

Some of the climatic conditions also enraged human life on a place. Causes like Extreme weather crises and natural disasters do not let people to stay in their country and have to move to places where the weather conditions are favorable to settle.

Above mentioned were the causes of people becoming refugees. When the people move to other country due to such causes they have very less assets along with them. They have to face a shortage of food, money ,clothing and shelter. When they leave their grand parents country at once that usually have no visas or travel documents or any hand written or signed permission from their and migrating country to live in migrating country.

Now, in other country as refugees they have secured their life but many other causes have been waiting as they seek refuge from other places.
First of all causes is that they have a difficulty in finding shelter and jobs. They try to fix tents and live as nomads as few years. Lucky are the ones who gets a family as they reach.
Refugees also have to face a cultural and a language causes. The people moving to other country have a great causes of difficulty in communicating with people of other country. Those who are educated and know the culture and language of the others country are able to settle quickly.
The children of the refugees have difficulty in acquiring a good education. They are bullied and treated bad by some of the bad students. Moreover, they have difficulty to keep up in the class and secure a good grade. Their culture is very different from people around.
Their jobs are not secured and not given the right to built their own houses . we must help refugees to overcome their causes . Our government should built asylums and give a charitable fund to them, and avoid to blame the refugees over the social and economic degrading of a country.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-20-16
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