Reasons Of Suicide A Survey of Stanford university

Assisted suicide, also known as physician assisted suicide, is actually doctors helping patients die or doctors helping patients commit suicide.


Q#1 what is the most depressed moment of your life?
Person 1: best friend’s death
person 2: father’s accident
person 3: never thought of it
person 4: when parents fight
person 5: not getting admission in University
person 6: when someone close to me hurt me

Q#2 Have you ever thought of committing suicide?
Majority said no
some said yes

Q#3 Have you ever thought of ways you could kill yourself?
Everybody said no 

Q# 4 Do you think doctors should help someone die if they ask them to?
Everyone said no because its doctors duty to save one’s life not to kill

Q# 5 Should PAS be legalized in World?
Everyone said never

Q# 6 Possible reasons that could make a person go to doctor for assisted suicide?
Majority said:
Financial stress
family problems

Q#7 how do you think PAS can be prevented?
Person 1: Suicide can be prevented by speaking to the people and with sharing their griefs and sorrows. Giving hope to those people is very necessary, psychiatric treatment plays a major role in saving one's life.
Person 2: By encouraging the people to visit psychologist and organizing seminars guiding people how to overcome the worst and look for the best. This should be done not only for the high class people but also for the needy and poor who has got more reasons to end their life and who are not that educated to look for the possibilities other than ending their life.
Person 3:Recognizing symptoms earlier and properly. Never let anything go unnoticed even the small things, person on the outside may appear perfectly normal or better than normal so a massive awareness program that would make people recognize the symptoms that normally go unnoticed.
Person 4: people should keep positive approach and have firm faith and trust in GOD as losing hope is a sin itself!

Q#8 what is your opinion and feedback?
Person 1: In our society positivism should be promoted instead of negativity. This can be done through TV shows, radio, social media etc. One should not lose hope in any circumstance.
Person 2:life is precious when perfect and awful when not.
Person 3:In my opinion hope and good care is the only thing that can make us pass through difficult situation of our lives. Life has many good and bad phases, everyone has to face them very strongly otherwise they would be shattered into pieces. We should always involve our loved ones to share about hard times and difficulties. This gives strength to person and a hope to fight back more strongly.

Person 4: In my opinion suicide is the most coward act to do. Being a Muslim I am against it religiously as well because it is haram in Islam. Being a human I can't think why would any one end his/her life for reasons which only last for a while or even if they do last long, one can always find a way to get out of them. Every problem has a solution. Life is full of blessings of GOD. One should always have faith in him. Problems should be dealt with, one should never run away from them.


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