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Racial Discrimination between World wide Countries

Racial discrimination is basically a product of complex interaction in a society where a group of people are treated less favorably than other people or group of people in regard to their race, color, national or origin.


 In 17th century many Africans were brought to America as slaves, they were kidnapped from various parts of Africa .Identities and names of African men, women and children were stripped .They were forced to change their religion and become Christian, they were beaten, tortured, hanged and were ruled by white masters. Many of the families were separated as they were sold. There was a concept of inferiority of dark skinned people by the dominant white majority. This racial discrimination was stopped through certain laws against African-Americans.

Racism against Japanese-Americans:

 In December 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii racism against Japanese-Americans was intensified. They were discriminated as Muslims were after the 9/11 attack. Japanese-Americans were harassed and discriminated, they lost their jobs, homes, business and the worst part was in 1942 when an executive was signed by Franklin D. that authorized the internment of Japanese-Americans .They were considered enemies of the state, half of the 120,000 Japanese were born and raised in camps in US and they were not allowed to enter Japan.

ISLAMPHOBIA:  This term has been coined to describe hostility towards Islam and Muslims in the US. It became more critical after 9/11 attack as well as various wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Muslims in the US were interviewed by FBI, their calls were taped, and racial profiling was done. Islam phobia is the only acceptable racism left that has no end.


RACISM IN BULGARIA: 9 October, the president of Bulgaria signed a framework on protection of rights of minorities. In 2011, a party of the parliament known as ATAKA attacked the mosque in the center of sofia, during Jumah prayer.

RACISM IN DENMARK:  The countries located outside Europe criticized Denmark in relation to controversy against Muslim religion.  Different tourist claimed that they were beaten and harassed by staff in prison. Moreover, the gang war going in Denmark criticized the government due to the law that criminals of non-Danish citizenship are deported.

RACISM IN GERMANY:  After losing World War 1, increased racism in political discourse. The Nazi racial policy Nuremberg race laws against Jews showed racist policies in Europe in 20th century. Certain laws were imposed which deprived all Jews including even half Jews and other non-Aryans from German citizenship. Nuremberg race laws forbid mixed sexual relations between the Aryans and first Jews such relations became crime and punishable and were known as racial pollution.

HISTORY OF RACISM IN TURKEY: In Turkey, racism and ethnic discrimination are wide spread and is also institutional against the non-Muslim and non-Sunni minorities. This is shown mainly by negative attitudes and actions of Turks towards the people who are not considered Turkish. This discrimination is dominantly  towards non-Muslim minorities like Greeks, Aremenians etc.

RACISM IN UNITED KINGDOM: Studies done by BBC in 2014-15 claims high level of racism in UK with more than one third actually admitting they are racially prejudiced. At the time when British ruled INDIA, Indians were valued more than the Muslims. Muslims were treated as slaves and were harassed, they were given no rights, and they were not allowed to perform their religious activities. At the time of partition major aspects were given to India.

RACISM IN AUSTRALIA: Australia has a history of racial discrimination at first multiple waves of immigration, majorly from Britain and Ireland. Australians of non-English speaking background had partnered with persons of different ethnic group. In 2009, about 25 percent of estimated resident population of Australia compromised those born overseas. People who lived in Australia for more than 40 thousand years before the arrival of British settlers in 1788 were asked to leave their land by Britain. Australians were deprived from full rights of citizenship and restricted laws on Immigration were imposed.  Racial discrimination act 1975, common wealth racial hatred act 1995 outlawed racial discrimination in Australia. September attacks and Bali bombing strained ethnic relations in some Australian communities

Outcome:    History of racial discrimination is prolonged and many organizations are working from years to eliminate racism soon a time will come when racism won be problem worldwide.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-16-16
Springer with the Collaboration of LearnRnd
Source URL:http://www.learnrnd.com/detail.php?id=Racial_Discrimination_between_World_wide_Countries

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