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Pride and Prejudice Novel Summary

After the marriage of Lydia, Jane and Elizabeth, the Benet family is only left with its two unmarried daughters (kitty and Mary).Mr. Benet has made Mrs. Benet realize that she was too much inclined towards her eldest and youngest daughter which is also the reason for Lydia’s bad behavior. She gradually realizes her mistake and promises to divide her attention to other daughters as well. She then somehow finds a suitable groom for kitty and manages to marry her. Now she is only left with one daughter’s responsibility. Mary is rebellious type of person; she never listens to her mother. Mrs. Benet is a bit worried from her side whereas she is relived from other daughters as they are happy in their married life. In the mean while Mr. Benet’s brother Mr. Dinette is coming to their town with his wife and son to visit his brother, to congratulate him for the weddings of his daughters as they weren’t able to attend the wedding due to bad health of Mrs. Dinette and to meet him.This news of arrival brings a little joy to Mr. Benet who is currently under treatment of an unknown disease which has lead him to stay on bed and is getting weaker day by day. Despite the fact that doctor comes on a regular basis, for checkup still their seems to be no progress in Mr. Benet’s health. In the mean while Mr. Benet was also calling upon his family lawyer to deal with legal business he also used to visit regularly and ask his health, he was like a family member and good old friend whom Mr. Benet could trust. Finally his brother arrives and greets him, both the brothers being the only in heir of their father, were very happy at the same time crying as they were meeting after twenty five years. After having lunch the two brothers were spending time with each other Mr. Benet with a low and painful voice revealed a shocking truth, he said “I have been hiding a truth in my heart for twenty five years” his brother was terribly shocked.

Mr. Benet due to bad health wasn’t able to complete his sentence he pointed out to his drawer and was only able to say “diary” suddenly his doctor came and asked his brother to step aside as his health was detoriating. His brother at the moment stepped out and waited for the doctor to complete his treatment but unfortunately Mr. Benet died at the instance. There was a loud cry of his family mourning. After all the rituals (as they belong to a Christian family they had some rituals regarding death and burrowing), Mr. Dinette remembered his brothers last chat, he suddenly moved to his room and took out the diary secretly. He read each and every page of it and understood his brother’s situation. He didn’t knew how to reveal this secret in front of his dead brothers family who probably are in grief and sorrow, however he managed to call upon the whole family in the drawing room after dinner, all his nieces were present because of their father’s death. He exclaimed with bravery that “What I am about to tell you, requires all of you to listen patiently” he continued “My brother had been hiding a truth from all of you for the past twenty five years. I myself weren’t informed about it until today. He wrote a diary and asked me to read it”. With everybody’s attention he continued that “My brother had another…” he paused his eldest niece asked “another what?” he took a deep breath and said “another wife” everybody was badly shocked on this news, they said “What are you saying?” their uncle replied “Truth.” He told them that marrying Mrs. Benet was his father’s choice whereas Benet had already in love with someone else but due to his father’s pressure he married your mother. With restless heart he couldn’t stop himself from marrying your step mom Rose from whom he has a son Earl. His last wish was that after his death both his wife and son should be accepted by you guys by living together.

Everyone revolted except Mrs. Benet who was in shock; she just listened and responded none. Somehow Mr. Dinette managed to bring them home. At first everybody hated them. After their arrival Mrs. Benet passed away bydrowning in the river, the daughters were left  all alone in this world, their step mom being very nice took their responsibility and treated them like her own daughters. Soon they got found of her. Their step brother being equally nice was also accepted by his sisters. One day their brother went for a walk, there  he saw a beautiful girl plucking apples, seeing her he tried to talk to her, she noticing his intentions quickly ran way. Earl was left unknown of the girl. Earl from that day onward daily visited that place in order to meet her. One day he finally met her and gradually started talking to each other. Both of them developed strong attraction. One day Earl was going to meet velvet (that girl). At night on his way home, he saw someone in raincoat, as it was raining heavily he wasn’t able to see that person’s face, suddenly a bolt of lightning occurred, Earl was finally able to see what is going on, he couldn’t believe his eyes. A person was dragging something and that wasn’t just anything but a dead body, unintentionally Earl in attempt of running fell on the ground and gained the attention of the killer.

The killer followed him and tried to kill him but he couldn’t. Earl somehow managed to run away. The next day Earl came with the police and dug that grave, what he came to know was that the dead body was of his father’s royal servant. He got confused as if why would anyone want to kill that poor guy. Earl kept on investigating. One day Earl and a companion of his came to visit the lawyer from where, he came to know that velvet was the lawyer’s daughter, while waiting for him he saw an unusual thing, in the room which was connected to the drawing room had a black rain coat he went on noticing further what he saw was same boots that the killer at that night was wearing. He quickly asked his companion to leave and call the police, in the mean while lawyer came and quickly understood Earl’s intention he very cleverly sent his daughter to the market. Earl and the lawyer came face to face all alone in the house. Before Earl started to ask questions the lawyer being over smart explained him why he had done this entire thing he said” I always wanted power and possession but unfortunately could get it, one day your father consulted me about dividing his property, never before it he had enclosed his property to me. I didn’t know he was that wealthy. It was that very day, I thought why not make his entire property mine? I than formulated a plan of which doctor Robert was an important part without his help I couldn’t have done it. He started to give your father slow poison. My plan was going successfully, and then one day that stupid servant heard mine and Robert’s conversation we tried to bribe him but what to do his death was calling him, so I killed him. Unfortunately your step mom was sitting at the window from which I was dragging the dead body and she saw my face. She quickly consulted Doctor Robin who on my instructions had asked her to keep this a secret from rest of the family, in order to keep them safe and to meet him near the lake. She came and by getting the right moment Mr. Robert did his work excellently. (Mr. Robert enters who was called by lawyer). They both laugh grimly. Earl gets angry and tries to hit them but fails to do so. He then warns them that he had called the police and they should be here any minute. They were just thinking to run, that the siren was heard, they tried to escape but the lawyer was caught by Earl and the doctor was caught by the police, seeing this the lawyer said he will never go to jail and commits suicide by the revolver snatched from the police, his daughter comes in at the same time and cries badly. The doctor is taken to the jail and Velvet is calmed by Earl. After a while Earl marries Velvet and he manages to arrange marriage of Mary and they all lived happily ever after. The end

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