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Ocean at the End of the Lane:Summary and Critical Review

When she was badly injured by hunger birds in saving narrator. Then she was placed in the pond she thinks that it was an ocean. She was not dead at that time. A kind lady named Laura passes by and saw something drowning in the pond. She saved Lettie and take Lettie to her house. Lettie was badly injured. Laura takes care of her for about two months.After that Lettie overcome from her illness she decided to go back and meet her grandmother and narrator.... When she came to meet her friend she came to know about the Ursula s plan to kill the narrator. She decided to tell everything to police but does not have any proof. So in order to collect evidences against her she decided to get another identity. Because officially she was dead. So she became Amila and changes her look. Ursula appointed a serial killer to kill the narrator. Once again Amila saves narrator s life. Narrator came to know that actually the Amila is lettie. He told Lettie to stay out of it. Lettie said no to him and they collectively made a plan to caught Ursula red handed. When Ursula was in her room and making plan to get rid of the narrator Lettie and narrator recorded everything. Mistakenly Lettie sneezes and Ursula came to know about their presence. That was the turning point when she knows about her enemies. Before this Ursula was all the time thinking that Lettie is dead and narrator does not know about her plans. She konws that now she has to be more careful in her dealings. Although she get the recorder in which Lettie and narrator recorded her talkings and all the deals whe was making with her crime partners. Lettie and narrator was again on zero. They do not have anything to prove Ursula wrong. They have to do alot to get rid of her. Here comes the entry of another important character of the story named Edward. He was not so young although he was so handsome. Edward was elder brother of narrator s best friend. When they came to his friend s house and told him about what is happening to them . Edward arrived and their story touches his heart. He decided to help them. They made a full proof plan to get all the evidences Ursula have. Edward meet Ursula at festival. They talked and Ursula find him so attractive and wants to be his friend. After that they started to meet almost everyday. Ursula fall in love with him. One day when Ursula proposed him that she is in love with him he said yes to her. Not because he also loves he just because he wants to get the proves. One day when they were sitting in their house Edward ask her to tell him about her past and every secret she have. Ursula trust him and she wants to marry him so he told him everything every secret of her life and even about the proves or evidences that Edward wanted from her. When Ursula was sleeping Edward locked her room and go to fetch those evidences. He was successful in his plan. He made his route to his house and give those proves to Lettie and narrator. They gave them to police and police arrested her. Edward came to meet her and tell her about their plan. She feel so guilty and apologizes for she has done with narrator and Lettie. Finally narrator proposes Lettie to marry him. Lettie was so happy because she also loves him. She said yes to him and they got married. They lived happily ever after. My opinion I chose the title for this novel is True companion because Lettie was narrotor s true companion. She supported him and faught for his life. She tried her best to save him because she loves him and knows the true meaning of love. She was with him in every situation and at last she was succeeded in her mission in saving her love s life. Theme Theme of the novel is no matter what the situation really is be with them whom you love the most. Stand with them in every field of life because this is the true love of true companion
Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 04-17-16
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