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The word nano means microscopic and 3D printing means process of making objects in 3D.This is made by storing the design in the computer. The object is formed by continuous layers of the material by it is formed. The object shape is controlled by the computer. Various shapes can be made easily. 3D printing is now-a-days being used widely to create different things. There are a lot of methods to use this process. This 3D printing has led the scientists to make stuff that is otherwise not possible. Recently, researches have been carried out to bring 3D printing in the field of nanotechnology. This will enhance the speed of various products. More pace lead to fast and efficient results. When the things used are microscopic then in this case, less material is wasted. If any accident occurs then the damage will not be significant. Smaller the thing, the less money is needed on it. It can be easily handled. There are numerous advantages of nanotechnology. If 3D printing is introduced to this amazing field, mind boggling results can be obtained. This could bring significant discoveries and ideas forward. A lot of researches are being carried out to implement the procedures to nanotechnology. Objects obtained from nano 3D printing can be used as substrates as well. This well help a lot as smaller objects are easier to handle. The basic unit of nano 3D printing is a nano wall. Nano substrates can lead to the formation of nano walls. Once a nano wall is made, it can lead to the further formation of nano 3D products. However, a lot of effort is required to achieve this. Numerous factors are involved in the formation of a nano wall. Speed and target precision is a major factor. If the scientists can control this, nano walls can be made easily which can lead to the making of many more objects. According to a research; in 2116 the world will be living in a mammoth water ball.

The tall buildings will use carbon nanotubes and diamond nano threads. This manifests the importance of 3D printing in nanotechnology. These massive projects can be completed only by introducing 3D printing in nano. Carbon nanotubes can be taken as the building blocks of the buildings. These can be simply made by using desired material and design which is in the form of computer file. We can control all the happenings via the computer. The question how nano 3D printing works does not have an easy answer. Nano fibres are spinned out of water. It is given electric field. However, this is pretty speedy. This process is not easy to control as it is very fast. If the process is not controlled then the required shape or geometry will not be obtained. The advantages and benefits of nano 3D printing are massive. The most important factor is in the medical field. Medicine field requires lot of innovations. In order to achieve success in this area, nano 3D printing is required. The researchers are moving towards the formation of organs and tissues made up of 3D printing. A story of an Australian neurologist who treated a tumor from 3D printed vertebrae is viral on social media. The scientists are looking to form more body parts and this all can be enabled from 3D printing.

3D bio printing for transplantation is also in consideration. The same way microscopic body parts can be made by using 3D printing to prevent the loss of precious lives. This can prove vital in transistors where microscopic chips are added. These have more energy. To enhance the quality of these transistors, nano printing can play a pivotal role. These will save energy and money too. It can easily be taken for. Smaller devices depict more efficiency and efficacy. The accuracy is beyond measure. The very effective accuracy is a major advantage of this technology. These small objects are pretty complexes but have great benefits. Another amazing use is in protecting money and passports. Nano chips can be used in money and passports for security. This way these highly protected documents can be safe from misuse.

This technology can also prove its importance in security of important buildings. One such stuff known as Nano Frozer is in the market. It was made in Switzerland and later on shipped to the McGill University. Students and teachers will carry on experiments. They can get many new ideas from this device made due to the shear hard work of the Swiss scientists. Another usage is in pipelines of mass transport. This can create a revolutionary change. Some nano scale devices can take out diseases on cellular level. The microscopic organelles in the cell may have some disease. This can be protected to spread out in the body by using such techniques. However, this is just an idea. No practical implementation has yet been seen in the making of nano scale medical devices. This can surely increase the survival rate in our world.

To sum up, the nano 3D printing can create wonders. It can change the world in something we cannot imagine. As the work on these mega projects have started, this will not take much time. A few centuries and the cities in water balls will be made. Treatment of fatal diseases will easily be done using nano scale devices. The road to this may not be easy but the scientists are focused on their destination. They have come so far and can achieve further success in the future.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-29-16
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