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Modern Psychological Disorders of Children and its symptoms

Childhood disorders can be of several types and are very common among children of nowadays. Most of the time the problem initiates when the baby is in mother’s womb. The carelessness, malnutrition or stress and anxiety of mother may eventually cause severe disorders in babies in their after birth life. These disorders can be associated with brain or can be linked with any organ or system of body. Disorders of brain may urge as a result of brain abnormalities structurally. They can occur at birth or may be caused as a result of any stress, trauma, accident or injury, trauma or shock. There is sometimes problems observed in children regarding their ruthless and inappropriate behaviors are outcomes of financial or any problem urging at home, problems associated with schools, or may be riots and trouble with friends in a child who is healthy and normal.
Children can have all problems which may be present in an adult but the way of expressing is totally different. If an adult is facing any problem, he or she will be depressed or sad but conversely If a child face a problem he is ill , he or she will be irritated and will irritate person surrounding them. There may be several types of mental disorders in children:
Anxiety disorders are one of them, children who went through any trauma or they may have any fear or phobia often depict anxiety disorders. Difficulties and stress to some extent is normal for every child as he climbs up stairs of puberty but tension and anxiety beyond limits can cause several disorders. If a child has developed mental disorders we can observe several symptoms regarding their behavior, health, physical appearance. They will have worst mood swings, they may have fear of anything for no reason, there behavior may be irritable, they may be unable to concentrate properly, their weight loss is great, and they may have stomach pain and headache. Following all above conditions they may harm themselves and the most dreadful result of this depression is that the child begins to use drugs or alcohol to cope up or get rid of situations.
Some of disorders may result from sexual abuse. Children are most affected from this and percentage of curing is less in children than in adults. Some of these disorders can be treated but other becomes chronic or long term issue that apparently cannot be resolved. The severer and degree of disorders vary from child to child. Mental illness is most common disorder among children as every single problem goes and affects their brain directly. There is another very common problem among children which is called as autism. Children with this disorder remain quiet, away from crowds and gatherings, make their own fantasy world and love to live an isolated life. They are unable to form connections with other people emotionally or friendly.
This leads to shyness, lack of confidence, mental disability, language issues and lack of ability to study regularly. For every psychological disorder, a psychologist session can help children to come towards normal life.
Parents must be aware of these disorders so if their child develops these kinds of problems they immediately made them to a doctor. Many parents show reluctance in this case and children who can be treated well are unable to get sufficient help. Disorders can be reduced among children by maintaining well nutrition, good friendly and healthy environment at home, increasing their outdoor activities, proper communication, taking their problems seriously. Disorders and problems can be treated but ignoring them will make them worse.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 03-09-16
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