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Me Before You Summary and review by Jojo Moyes

JO JO MOYES was born in 1969 and raised in London. She is an English journalist and started writing romantic novels since 2002. She won the award for Romantic novel of the years twice and she was the first writer whose novel has been translated into eleven different languages. ME BEFORE YOU is basically a romantic novel. This novel was first published on 5 Jan 2012 and later a sequel titled after yours was published on 29 Sep 2015. The novel revolves around two main characters Louisa Clark and Will Traynor. Louisa lives with her family like other middle class families her family also have to work hard to let both ends meet. Louisa was an ordinary girl with ordinary qualification and ordinary dreams. She have no particular plans for future. She doesn’t even set high goals. She just wants to earn some money for her family. She constantly feels masked by her sister Treena an outgoing single mother. Louisa helps to support her family by earning some money from local cafe down the castle named butter bunas but the cafe shut down due to some reasons. Louisa needs a job to support her family she goes to the job centre and after so many failed attempts. She offered a unique job with attractive salary the job is to help care for Will Traynor. Will Traynor a Successful wealthy man who was once very enthusiastic, energetic and adventurous but he became paralyzed in a motor cycle accident almost 2 years ago. Willams mother Camillia hires Louisa for helping her son irrespective of her lack of experience, poor qualification and confused behaviour. She chooses her over so many experienced quadrupeds because she thought Louisa can brighten his spirits cheer him up and will help him in changing his mind. Willams family was quite rich and the house was full of facilities. In his house Louisa meet Nathan who cares for Willams medicines and all other medical stuff and Willams father Mr.Steven an upper-class friendly business man. Louisa and Willams relationship starts out not so good and rocky because of Willams rigid and rude behaviour the main reason for such behaviour was he accepted that he is now a disable man who can never gain his strengths back. His attitude becomes rougher when he comes to know about the marriage of his ex-girlfriend Alicia with his best friend Rupert. But Louisa keeps on trying and due to her efforts Will gradually becomes friendly and open minded he becomes more communicative and they start enjoying each company they spend their time talking about their interests places they like and the things that they want to do in their life. Louisa notices Willams scared wrist and comes to know that Will wants to end his life through Dignitas (a Swiss based suicide assisted organization) but his mother dosent want him to die and she said she would not let him die like this as a result Will tried to end his life by cutting his wrists several times. Camilia horrified of his attempts promises him to honour his wish only if he agrees to live six months more. Being a mother she thinks that she can do a lot of things for her son and make him believe that his life is worth living. Lousia when gets to know the whole story she becomes hurt. She tells her sister about his plan.Treena says to her try to keep him happy and make him believe that his life is beautiful and is worth living and try to help him in changing his mind. In order to do this she starts to spend more time with Will do things that he likes and start doing his personal things like giving him a haircut or shaving. Thus they grow a little closer. Through their frequent talks Louisa comes to know that Will was a travel freak he loves to go to new places and his favourite place was in Paris . Louisa tries to motivate Will to change but this was not easy. Because of spending most of time with Will and her relation with Will she breaks up with her longtime boyfriend Patrick. The financial condition of Lou family worsen when her father loses a job. Will tries to help him in getting job by offering Clark position somewhere. Lou felt very thankful for that. As they both become friends they attend Alicia and Rupertas wedding where they both danced and enjoyed a lot .Will for the first time confesses his feelings for Lou by saying she is the only reason he wakes in the morning. Lou requested will to go on holiday with her but before they leave Will contracts near fatal pneumonia. So, Lou cancels the plan and takes him to the Island of Mauritius. There she tells Will she loves him but Will says he want to live anymore. Lou says that she thought she is changing his mind Will interrupts her and says nothing in this world can change his mind. He cant live on a wheel chair for whole life depending on others. He says his time with Lou was very special and unforgettable. Angry and hurt Lou dosent speak to him for the rest of trip and when they reached the airport Willams parents are surprised to see his good physical health Lou however resign as his care taker and refuses to take any money from his parents  He wrote her not to compromise on her dreams and to live not only to live but to LIVE WELLams. After YOU is a sequel of novel which depicts Louisa life after will. Lou becomes entirely a different person the bubbliest of his characters fades away. She shifts to another city where she starts to work at airport and sees airplanes landing and flying from the ground. She thinks about her time with Will misses him and cries for him but as the time passes she realizes that she can be a better person she can make Will happy by acting upon his last words to live well not to go against it. She allows herself to be vulnerable she realises that being vulnerable requires strength which leads to more opportunities for love. To finding someone that of course not love her like Will but maybe better than him. Review :- According to my point of view a happy heart can grow a happy body and happy soul but here in this novel Will was very pessimistic. he doesn’t have any hope for getting better. He thinks of himself as a disguise thing and therefore he ends his life. And left Louisa in endless pain. A simple incident changed the life of both characters. The End

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