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Justice and Equality

This story is about justice and equality described through white and black peoples. Its main character is Jame who was studying in Canada and his family lives in America.Jame were a great lawyer and his father ALIN was also a famous lawyer.Jame went America to meet his family and there he came to know that his mother was suffering from cancer and he felt very sad. His family spent all their money for the treatment of his mother but she was still very ill. The doctor asked them for the Surgery but they didn’t have enough money for the surgery. So they all decided to sale James grandfather house which was of very much importance for them.They sold the house and they deposited the money for the surgery. After the surgery his mother became well. In those days James was happy because of his mother and was upset due to his grandfather’s house that was sold.

While he was sitting in his room and thinking about his past years in that house he then hears about an accident which was that a black man who was drunkenly driving a car hits a white man. Jame”s father decided to defend black man but Jame was in favor of white man but his father very quickly change his mind about white peoples and so Jame reconciles with his father. His father says he is proud of him for being with him.After some days James went to meet his childhood friend John. There he came to know that John’s property was captured by black peoples and John was unable to do anything because black peoples are rich and powerful and thought to be superior over white peoples and due to which there was no equality. Black peoples don’t like justice and also don’t let anyone to live with peace and justice. Due to their power no one was able to fight against them. After knowing all this Jame realize that whatever he has done in the past was very wrong. He realizes that due to his father he has done wrong with white man. He felt guilty and ashamed. So Jame decided to fight for John (white peoples) but his father was still in favor of black peoples. There were a lot of arguments between Jame and his father but Jame was very realistic this time and doesn’t waver from his beliefs at all.                                                                                                            

One day Jame went to the Fair with his friend John. There they met a lot of white peoples and enjoyed a lot.In the Fair some children’s were playing. After sometime one black child began to quarrel with a white child having his turn first. Soon they began to exchange blows. Suddenly the black child hit the white child on his nose. In the meantime, the elder brother of the black child came there and began to beat the white child and said that it’s your entire fault. The white child became very injured and cried loudly. He fell down senselessly. AT the same time Jame reached their gave first aid to the child and took him to the hospital, then after seeing all this situation he became more positive about his decision of defending white peoples as white peoples were very polite and they also likes to live with justice and equality.Jame was very confident about his decision but his father was still trying to change his mind as he has done with him in the past. After that Jame went to his mother’s room and found that his mother was feeling very ill and her color turned pale and suddenly she fell down. Jame quickly took her to the hospital and after two days she died. Jame and his family became very sad and upset. After 15 days the date of his friend’s property case was announced. In those days Jame felt very upset due to his mother’s death. At the same time, his father came to meet him and asked him to change his decision because black peoples are superior over white peoples and also very powerful and if you fight against them then will spoil you. So my son! Please change your decision and come with me as you have done in the past. But Jame said No father I am with true and on one can spoil me you just don’t worry and go with your decision and I am with my decision and no one can change my decision.James objective was not only to defend white peoples because he is white but actually his objective was to create justice and equality in the country. He wants to finish the fear of black peoples on white peoples. He wants to tell black peoples that everyone has equal rights to live their lives according to their own choices and also that no one is superior and no one is inferior in any state. Everyone is equal. NOW the date came. Both father and Son were ready to defend their decisions and also to oppose each other. The case started Jame started to defend his friend John whose property was captured by the black peoples.Alin started to defend Black peoples. Black peoples thaught that they will surely win the case but no one knows before the time. Jame proved his beliefs very well and also surprised everyone. So Jame won the case. Alin also became shocked and he felt proud of his son.Alin felt guilty for opposing his son. Jame opened the eyes of black peoples and black peoples also felt ashamed and also excuses from John.In this way Jame created justice and equality between white and black peoples. By this Jame creates a very big example of justice and equality for everyone.At that time, Jame reminded his father Alin that I was with true and now you can see that no one spoiled me! Jame said his father that he loves him a lot and hugs him!

Conclusion: We should live with each other with justice and equality and should respect every one in every manner.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 03-09-16
Springer with the Collaboration of LearnRnd
Source URL:http://www.learnrnd.com/detail.php?id=Justice_and_Equality

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