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Journey to the Center of the Earth:Summary and Critical Review

George and Alen were living happily after getting married. They were blessed with a Son and beautiful Daughter. Their life was revolving around their kids, they were worried of their education living standards.  However, the journey of their Guardian uncle MrLidendrock was still to be accomplished. Mr George decided to explore what is there above the sky and decided to visit Moon. He contacted one of his best friend who was studying in aerospace and having expertise on the subject. His friend MrHeral convinced him to take along Alen to see what is there beyond the skies.

Mr George and his wife started preparing for the journey. They were worried of their little children as they decided to stay at Moon for 2 x weeks. Finally that day came once they took off for the journey to their destination. It was Aerospace technology department in US which sponsored their adventure. It was 27 of March 2015 once they took off from the earth. Mr George and Alen were very excited to explore the new world and wanted to see how our universe looks like. They stayed for two weeks on Moon and studied it from all angles. After two weeks of journey they safely landed back on earth. However, they shocked their rest of the community during debriefing held under the sponsor organization, once they announced to embrace Islam. On inquiring they narrated that from Moon they could find two places on earth lighting 24/7. On further studying they came to know it was Holey Place of Macca and Medina. They lived happily as Muslims in the community and continued their research work to explore more and more on the earth and above the skies.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 04-16-16
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