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Information technology Sensors for Medicine its working and role

A sensor is a device that detect and responds to some type input from the physical environment. The specific output could be light, motion, heat, moisture, pressure or any one of a great number of other environmental phenomena. The output is generally a signal that is converted to human readable display at the sensor location or transmitted electronically over a network for reading or further processing. Sensors play an ever more important role in medical technology with the aim of making medical devices even more effective and safer, while simplifying their operation. Today medical devices rely on sensors to aid in accurate monitoring, diagnosis and treatment. Sensors used in medical applications will emit a signal that can be read at the point of determination or transferred by wire or wireless transmission to remote location. In Medical World, there is a broadening intersection between Information Technology and Biotechnology and increasingly the role of sensors, signal transducers etc. Some examples of new generation medical sensors indicate new roles that these devices will have many areas of health care are;

  • A subcutaneous system for the continuous monitoring and recording of tissue glucose concentration in diabetic patient has just been approved in the United States.
  • One glucose sensor that looks like a watch sits on the skin and produces small electrical shocks which open up pores. So that fluid can be extracted to monitor tissue glucose concentration.
  • The next generation of cardiac pacemaker will become smart by receiving readings from various places in the body such as oxygen saturation in the blood and cardiac wall pressure.
  • An Australian team has developed lightly stable and sensitive biosensors, which operates by switching the ion channels in a lipid membrane. When activated, biological receptors such as Antibodies and DNA convert a chemical event into an electrical signal. One team reports it could measure the increase in sugar content of dropping one sugar cube into Sydney harbor.
  • These all inventions helped so much in the medical field. Sensors improved the quality of medicine, diagnosis and operations. In the future sensors are going to help allot not only in medical but in every field.
Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 06-02-16
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Information technology Sensors for Medicine its working and role

A sensor is a device that detect and responds to some type input from the physical environment. The specific output could be light, motion, heat, moisture, pressure or any one of a great number...more

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