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How Poverty Effects on Child Development

Poverty causes depression and depression affects a children social and emotional competence. The new discoveries show that the level of education is very important in child mother relationship and if the education is less it causes poverty. Poor children are usually impulsive, disobedient and they go difficult along with peers. American and California research academies found such children with low birth weight, poor nutrition’s and no emergency medical treatments Such children facing poverty have small minds as described by Washington university school of medicine. United Nations has established two important goals in year 2000 that is to finish poverty and hunger and to achieve universal primary education as education is the only one thing that can kill poverty. Poverty is a persistent problem causing the people of this world and globe this paper has important educational reforms and reforms and institutes where parents can earn easily salary and provide their children facilities.

Poverty means lacking material things and health both this means we are not having material things and no health as well. The persistent poor countries of world are Uganda, Peru and India etc while some countries are in developing stages such as in Pakistan etc .The poor countries such as Uganda and Peru has social histories the remarkable stories why they fell down, the history of their declination and loss of success. Poor children have no skill to adjust in school so they are emotional or hyperemotional. Children of poor families are poor being. It is because of poverty that students leave studies without Getting degree or graduate. In addition low income families tends to use bad language discovered by national

Solutions and Conclusion:

Many children in this world face poverty because their parents do not have jobs so number of welfare programs must be increased so more parents will and can have opportunity to earn a living. Poverty can affect every area of child development social economical and personal as well.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-24-16
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