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Highly demanded Professions for the next 10 years:Harvard University Report

Due to extreme usage of machineries in each and every field of technology involvement of human beings has been depleted with every day depart. Easy going of human beings is also playing a vital role in usage of maximum scale of machines. This has lessen the employment of human and resulted unemployment is increasing day by day. Many of the researchers have been predicting what the hottest jobs in the next decades would be. As the world is modernizing and progressing day by day technology is increasing with much more speed that every day there is a new invention in technology.

Robots are being invented and somewhere in next few years robots would be widely used in every field and every aspect of life. Now a days in Europe robots are being widely used everywhere even in the restaurants robots are seen serving the guests or the customers but in not used in Pakistan yet. But hopefully somewhere after 7 to 8 years they would be used. There is a charm of robots everywhere these day because as we the humans are very easy going and prefer the easiest way of doing our work and we only want rest so those who are easy going and want a cheerful tensionless life with almost no work to do the invention of robots with almost capable to do everything is a very good news. Robots intellectually equal to that of human beings but more capable then us are being invented. It may sound like science fiction, but advances in neuro technology are set to explode in the next decade. All this means neuro-implant technology will be a hot growing career field. Our knowledge of the brain is developing faster than almost any scientific field at the moment, and by 2025 our ability to understand the brain will be exponentially improved from today. We will need a vast range of disciplines to be focused on neurosciences, including brain surgeons, neuro-augmentation and implant technicians and developers, brain backup engineers, real-time MRI scanners and interpreters, and neuro-robotic engineers to build mind-controlled robots and machines.

3-D printers have been a benefit to the manufacturing and prototyping industries for years, yet the large majority of the consumer population seem to have little interest in learning to use them. But by 2025, people would come to appreciate the advantages of 3-D printing, which means they’ll hire people to design and print their objects for them.

Virtual reality will be as much a part of our lives as the Internet and our iPhones are today. Front-line Military Personnel Will Be Replaced With Robots. Although it maybe not a hot job today for everyone but there are still many young people in many countries around the world who are too patriot and sign up for military service to defend their country against intruders and also as a viable career option. Many of the highly developed countries would replace front line troops with robots drones and other mechanical fighting machines.

Wars will be engaged remotely. Of course this will create new military jobs in the new engine rooms of these wars with drone operators robot designers and cyber warfare experts in high demand. But the front-line trooper will find no place in the military. Lawyers Accountants and Consulting Engineers would be replaced with Artificial intelligence.

Any professional that is mainly involved in dealing with information is going to be replaced by algorithms and intellectual robots.So we will say that the coming time is of those who are very intellectual and those would be able to excel in life who are very capable or intellectually very high.We will say that in the next decades we would see robots moving here and there performing different type of work in every field of life but then there would much more unemployment and importance of human would be much low and due to increase in the resting time of human beings there would be more disease and less life expectancy.


Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-29-16
Springer with the Collaboration of LearnRnd
Source URL:http://www.learnrnd.com/detail.php?id=Highly_demanded_Professions_for_the_next_10_years:Harvard_University_Report

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