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Green Chemistry and Sustainable Chemistry

Green chemistry also called sustainable chemistry. Sustainable chemistry is playing a vital role in our everyday life. It is one of the major sources which is helping to eradicate toxins from the environment. For example many products are being synthesized by the help of which pollutants are finished. The word green chemistry can be defined as the chemicals and the products synthesized which are used to eradicate harmful substances causing diseases. Green or sustainable chemistry is playing an important role in destroying harmful substances. It is very effective in reducing the impact of chemicals on human health and environment. Moreover many companies have found that it can be cheaper and even profitable to meet environmental goals. It is a fundamental science based approach. Addressing the problem of hazard at the molecular level it can be applied to all kinds of environmental issues. Many advances have been made in this field.

For example spinosad an insecticide manufactured by fermenting a naturally occurring soil organism was registered by EPA as a reduced risk insecticide. Similarly another important advancement is the development of such chemicals which reduce the waste. Green or sustainable chemistry is further classified into organic inorganic physical analytical and biochemistry. All these branches help one to understand the importance of many products in our everyday life. For instance the inorganic chemistry a branch of green chemistry helps to learn the production of bleach caustic soda paints dyes sulphuric acid nitric acid cement and many other useful products. Paper making is again one of the important positive aspects of this field. Similarly organic chemistry helps to understand the major formulas by which products are synthesized. Organic chemistry is very helpful and one of the basic subjects in studying pharmacy.

All the formulas of the medicines their doze is known with the help of organic chemistry. Biochemistry now a day’s being most helpful is also a branch of green chemistry. Genetic study inheritance leeching formation of bioproducts is all the blessings of biochemistry. The major positive role of biochemistry is that all the useful products formed for killing the pests insects etc have no side effects or harmful aspects because one organism is used to kill another organism. Moreover formation of packaging material such as plastic bags is again a blessing of green or sustainable chemistry. Polyethylene bags toys PVC material wire coverings and many other materials are making life luxurious and comfortable. Green chemistry has made lives improved bettered enhanced and advanced.

Many new synthetic material formed by industrialists has made life luxurious. A person can now learn about the genetics in a more easy way. Health facilities are also improved. Diseases are overcome in less time with less harmful side effects. Awareness among people in using medicines learning their formulas etc are all the positive aspects of green chemistry. Since everything has positive as well as negative aspects in the same way green or sustainable chemistry is not only beneficial it also have many disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages is the green house effect. The accumulation of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the atmosphere of the earth causes a sheath of gases to be built in the atmosphere not allowing the sunlight and fresh air to enter the earth’s atmosphere.

 It is very harmful for living organisms. Not only humans but every organism is being affected by this green house effect. During the production of many useful products some harmful gases are also produced which causes this effect. Ozone depletion is again one of the negative aspects of green or sustainable chemistry. The chloro floro carbons produced during the industrialization gets accumulated in the earth’s environment and builds a sheath. These chloro floro carbons deplete the ozone layer forming a hole in the layer. Ozone layer depletion is a great threat to the lives of all living organisms. Hence keeping in view all the aspects I.e positive and negative one comes to know that though green chemistry is a blessing but it may become a curse if not applied sensibly. So one should learn its way of application

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-29-16
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