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Eragon Novel Summary

After killing Durza Eragon becomes hero of the nation. Nation give him more honor and respect than the evil king Galbaterix.The king is jealous from eragon and he wants to divide and rule over eragon and shapira but he cannot do this because he has a fear of down fall of his era. So king is up to an evil plane. One day eragon on the back of saphira flies to a distant place where he has not gone before. Whensaphira lands on ground Eragon investigate footprints similar to his dragon's foot. Tracking the footprints , as he is about to enter in a cave, meanwhile a giant and red eyed male dragon comes out and attacks on eragon who is defended by saphira. male dragon comes to know that eragon is rider of saphire he apologizes of what he did.saphira and eragon spend whole day with him and he tells that his name is night fury and his rider is died in a war and he is alone. Eragon and saphira leave him and go back to village but a week later saphira goes to meet night fury secretly. She often goes on date with him and a month later fury tells her he has to go because he does not belong here.On his departure, she is sad but soon gets busy with eragon.10 month later she lay an egg and a male dragon hatches from it, she names him ALPHA. is not happy and a bit of jealous from Alpha. When king comes to know about this he invites eragon on dinner, which is a trap. Wheneragon enters in palace king gives order to his magicians to cast spell on eragon so that he becomes enemy of alpha and kill him, saphira kill eragon and king becomes rider of saphira.On his return to home, he acts like a stranger and saphiea notices his eye color turned green to black.On next morning, he goes to alpha's room quietly and tries to kill him with his sword meanwhile saphira rescues alpha.After betrayed by eragon she along with his son flies and never come back.After the effects of magical spell are over eragonrealize that he has made a big mistake and now he wants to make a mend.After a year king offers eragon to marry his daughter princess Ana and a year later she gives birth of a baby son john.Saphira is in search of night furry and she also trains alpha. After a long search of seven years saphira successfully tracks night furry and a truth reveals on her that rider of night furry is evil king golbatrix and king plan to separateeragon and saphira. She also comes to know that eragon was under the spell of black magic when he attacked alpha. So she flies back to eragon and tells him about the king's plan. On the other hand king along with his dragon attacks on saphira and alpha in order to capture them while Eragon fights back in favor of saphira and finally kills the king and alpha kills night furry. After the war has overeragon introduced john to alpha who's going to inherited the mantle of dragon rider.
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