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Dissociative identity disorder Symptoms and Causes

Dissociative identity disorder has already been known before as multiple personality disorders. It is regarded as a psychological and mental disorder showing two identities or dissociative behavior. It may be due to weak or complete loss of memory and patient suffering from this disease may be unable to recall event back from his past. The impairment in memory may result from trauma and events that may cause stress.

Dissociative identity disorder Causes:

This disease may range from mild to severe depending upon causes which initiate the disease. It is commonly diagnosed in adulthood because the patients being affected are more commonly being maltreated from their childhood. This continuous maltreation will eventually cause this disease early adulthood.

Examples of dissociative disorder:

Sexually abused children or adults are more commonly hit by this disease in comparison to those who are enjoying their life to fullest without any depression or any problem like sexually abuse. Dissociative identity disorder are not easily being diagnosed or treated commonly because to the time when symptoms appear are too late and become tough for psychologist to take the person back towards normal life. The prognosis for this disease is poor, those suffering from this type of this disorder have several others types of mental problems too.

What causes a person to have a split personality?

Children when become victim of sexual abuse are unfortunately major patients of identity disorder. They forget their value, their motivation is lost, and their paint makes them forget from where they belong. What was their reason to be in the world? Child labour is another cause of loss of identity. When a child who wants to go to school, whose age is to hold the pen, actually holds the burden of the whole family, his/her innocence has been lost, he/she forgets what he was and what he has to do, what he/she only knows is that he has to feed his little siblings and his parents. When self respect and self-esteem of a child or an adult is destroyed again and again , his mental abilities are destructed to a level higher than being able to be treated by a psychologist. Many researchers have put several perceptions regarding this disorder but keeping in view the above mentioned details, I personally can conclude that DID or any other disorder related to identity loss are majorly caused by sexual abuse, child labour and maltreated. It is disease of children and adults but the fact is that it emerges from early childhood. Worse behavior of elite society towards poor children begging or working in workshop and hotels snatches the innocence of those children and they become victimized of identity disorders. We have to be socially and ethically strong to eradicate this disorder from society. Because once as victim of this will be out of this disease very rarely. So, be strong to help street children or anyone who is victim of sexual abuse or child labour to make a healthy, wealthy and prosperous society

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