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Detailed Summary and Full Analysis:A Ray Of Hope

A Ray of Hope There was a lot of noise, everyone was moving here and there, calling out Gandhis name. Gandhi ji is here! Gandhi ji is here! It was like an enchanted cry that everyone repeated. Even those who never heard of Gandhi were shouting Gandhi! Gandhi! Gandhi addressed the people My dear brothers and sisters, for a long time, I believed that GOD is truth. But today I know that Truth is GOD. Shakuntala, moved by his words thought that after Kalyanis suicide and the guilt that she had for the poor girl in her arms, she could not wait longer. A vague plan began to form in Shakuntalas head that Chuiya had to be saved. Her last hope was Gandhis train. She started running towards the Gandhis train which had started moving by then. She was trying desperately to hand over Chuiya to any of Gandhis followers. Why dont you listen? Why dont you listen? Sisters! Please take her with you. This girl is a widow. The engine was picking up the steam. People shouted at her to stay away as it would hurt her and Chuiya badly. All her efforts failed no one took the girl along with them. Shakuntala was left behind crying and screaming with the little girl as the train was moving farther and vanished from her sight into the dark green leaves. There was a moment of silence all around as if each and every creature was gloomy for both. The birds started moving towards their nest. A few moments later it was sun set. Suddenly, it was dark and cold. There was a loud thunder and it started to rain heavily. Shakuntala picked her up and ran towards the shelter. Chuiya was asleep by then. Her deep thoughts, her concern for the little girl was making her sorrow, broken hearted. She was hopeless for Chuiyas future.Thinking of the girls fate, tears in her eyes she also fell asleep. The rays of the sun coming from the window forced her eyes to open and was shocked to find Chuiya not beside her. She stood up hurriedly and looked for her. Just then a voice came from behind Dont worry! , a woman was standing beside Shakuntala. What am I doing here? Who brought us here? She was so much confused. The lady told her to stay calm and not to worry as they both were safe in her house. You were all wet suffering from high fever along with this girl. With the help of some people I brought you both to my house. This is my house and you are completely safe here. But Shakuntala couldnt trust as she was afraid. But we both are widows. said Shakuntala. Yes! I know from your appearance. I know you are afraid but trust me no one would ever know that you both are widows. I dont believe in these things which a widow has to suffer. Shakuntala was silent on her words. She took Chuiya in her arms. Why are we here? asked Chuiya in a low shrink tone. Are we not going to back to the asharm? The lady smiled and said You innocent girl, why do you want to go back? Are you not happy like this? Dont you want to play, wear coloured clothes and live happily? Yes I do want to. replied Chuiya. She asked Shakuntala about her parents but she didnt know anything. All I know is that she is an innocent girl and a widow. I want her to be safe from the cruel world. Thats why I wanted to send her with the Gandhi people in the train but I missed the chance. A moment of silence and then the bell rang. Bibi ji, a man is at the door asking for a woman with a girl and both were in white. Shakuntalas heart was at his highest pace. Please dont tell anyone about us. Relax! I wont. The lady went. There was a noise of some quarrel between the man outside and the lady. A few minutes later, she came in and said Everything is fine. You need not worry about anything, I have sent the man havent told him about you both. Chuiya ran and hugged the lady but Shakuntala couldnt trust her even so quickly. But why are you being so kind to us? The lady smiled My name is Geeta. I was seven when I got married to an fifty year old man. My father believed that a girl cannot be recognized before his marriage so she should be married in her early ages even if shes immature. And that happened with me. My husband died in an accident and I was sent to an asharm. I spent to a woman which took me to a man for misuse. Fortunately I managed to run from him and succeeded. Her voice filled with grief. It was dark all around. I didnt know where I was going. What was my destination? But there are few good people in this world who can be trusted. I met a couple who took me to their house as I was in a terrible state. I couldnt speak a word in terror. I found myself safe in their house. They didnt have a child of their own so after finding me they looked after me as their own child. They hid my identity from whole world. I went to school, studied as a normal child like others. I grew up as a young girl. They married me to a handsome young man. He was a business. At the time of my marriage he didnt know anything regarding my past but only this that I am a beautiful young girl. A few years later, I told him everything but it didnt effected our relation. He loved me so much and always took care of my emotions. And now here I am in front of you happy as you can see. I can understand you both very well. Tears ran down Chuiyas cheeks. Geetas story was all like Chuiyas life. Her story motivated Shakuntala and Chuiya. Chuiya! Wait for the breakfast, called Geeta as she was running for the college. She stopped and came running, hugged her tightly. It was a new day for her with deep desires and high hopes. Geeta was like an angel for her who helped her start her new life which she never believed.
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Pulished date: 04-11-16
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