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Delicious Foods Novel Summary

Eddie finds her mom. bring her back to home with him and his wife and of course his son .and they started living a happy life but suddenly everything changes time proved to be really cruel to Eddy .because within that year he brings her mom to home her mother (DARLENE) Died . at about the age of 42 he found his mother back but she was again taken back by God .so he was in grief .Now he was waiting for his death time to come as soon as possible .and Eddies son Nathaniel was a young guy of 20.he was chilling his life enjoying every single moment of it ,he got friends by whom he was spoiled  a lot . His parents don’t like the company .Nathanial dad was still in great sorrow but Nathanial never cares of what going on in his parents’ life One day Nathanial was out with his friends, they were chilling and having drugs. In a mean while they had a great fight. Then his father came to help them in that instant he got shoot .and he died. And at that instant everything has changed for Nathanial. it was like he was not going to survive anymore . When Ruth came to know about this, she was in shock that what has happened to his husband? he was killed by a white man and was dead in order to save his sons life .a son who never loved him nor care for him throughout his life but real life begins now .now he realize how much his father loved him and how much parents are imp in one’s life .now Ruth life’s was completely changed .she became psycho and taken on drugs just like Eddie’s mother ,she made drugs her life now and Scotty came into life again .the conversation between Nathanial and her mother completely stopped. She was a sensitive women and loved her husband a lot and just because her own son she lost him. she felt herself so helpless and alone so she was taken on drugs . Now Nathanial who sometimes was so heartless and cruel was completely changed man as he entered in his practical life now. He wanted to do something for her mother. as her mother apparently don’t like her nor she talked to him,inspite of all this he started loving his mom he started taking care of her .as she was broken internally . Because Nathanial already lost her father and now he don’t wanted to lose her mom because he is the only one person left in his life so Nathanial started to continue his father work . He already had a platform made by his father .so with sincerely and honestly he started doing his work .but that’s not it .it’s not the end of problems and sorrows .the history repeats its

Nathanial once working in house had an electric shock and got his limb paralyzed .he lost both of his hands .Now life becomes more tough and hard .Ruth being mother, her affection for her son melted her heart and she started taking care for his son .Nathanial was handicapped man but he didn’t lose hope and he started working like her father . He made his cards name HANDYMAN WITHOUT HANDS .Just like his father did after all the devastating conditions they started living their lives the way it was going . Both of them are their one and only hope  . but where there is a will there is a way . Life must go on,as Time never stops for anybody and we should always hope for the best like Nathanial did

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