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Dehumanization:The rejection of aspects of human nature

DEHUMANIZATION is the rejection of aspects of human nature (e.g. Morality, empathy) to a group of people or to specific targets. It comes in 2 forms: Animalistic, where a group of people are compared to animals by rejecting their moral cognition or intelligence. Mechanistic, where a person, or persons, are stripped of their emotional sensibilities and seen as rigid, mechanical, cold, unwavering and likened to machines. Dehumanization often results in violence and conversely, takes place in violence and war, where the enemy is regarded as animals or lesser beings so soldiers can kill them with disregard. It begins with social distance between groups, and then due to a mix of various factors like difference of status, low social connection, difference in power, method of depiction in media, turn into full-fledged dehumanization. Members of a higher social standing view their peers as being more peaceful humans than those with lower standing, thinking more of them as possessing basic human natures, which are also common in animals (such as warmth and emotions). If dehumanization between two races progresses to extremes, it may trigger war, such as what occurred in the Holocaust, or the wars between Japan and China. Examples of commonplace dehumanization are: Comparison of a race to animals, or lacking human traits. The most important example here is of black Americans in America. More than hundreds of years now most of the Americans took actions against the African American by torturing them as they thought that they are lower than them because of their skin tone. They even used to burn them alive. And then above all they practiced recording the violence while torturing and burning them alive, it became an amusement for them. For years black Americans faced racism and discrimination more than anyone can ever imagine. They were treated as slaves and most of the people of black American were from good families but were sold as slaves and those who were free they were banned from owing any property even in shops and markets separate counters were made for them. • Viewing of workers by a higher official as a means to an end, or as cogs in a machine. In most of factories and companies higher educated officials think of themselves as the masters of the simple machinery workers and treat them as the lowest of creatures in the world. They would not like to even talk to them and think them capable enough that they should even stand next to them. Viewing of women as objects. This is the most common practice taking place around the world and every corner of the world. Women are used as objects may it be advertising or any other money making business, this practiced has now been so much promoted that even women who appear as objects in advertisements forget that are used as an objects and do not understand the real purpose they are used for. Viewing members of a society with disdain (e.g. people with drug addictions). In most of the areas of the world drug adductors are treated and looked at as bad people of the society who are responsible for corruption in the society All these acts of dehumanization should be checked in order to make this world a better place for living for the coming generations where each and every individual will be respected and able to live peacefully.

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Pulished date: 06-16-16
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