Climate Change and their Causes with its Impacts on world
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Climate Change and their Causes with its Impacts on world

Climate Change is the average increase in temperature of Earth or change in average weather conditions or in the time variation of weather around long term average conditions. Climate Change is also known as GLOBAL WARMING.


Both natural and human factors changes Earth climate. Natural factors which change climate are changes in solar activity, Earth orbit, volcanic eruptions etc. For example small change in Earth orbit also changes the seasonal distribution of sunlight reaching the Earth and its distribution across the globe. Since the past few years particularly in the beginning of Industrial Era human activities play a key role in changing the climate conditions. For example burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal emit green house gases like CO2, N2O,CH4 and many other gases into atmosphere. As these gases absorb sunlight and prevent the loss of heat in space. In this way these gases increase the temperature of Earth and make Earth warmer. This process is called Green House Effect. The gases like HFCs,HCFCs,SF6,PFCs and CFCs are collectively called F-gases which are used as coolants. These gases play a key role for producing the ozone hole. As a result high energy ultraviolet rays reach the Earth and increasing its temperature.


 Weather related events have massive influence on society. Climate change effects the social, economic, agricultural and political determinants of life.If the temperature raises above the threshold level then it produces the adverse conditions. Extreme weather conditions influence food ,energy, water, health and population migration. Due to high temperature, the rate of evaporation, precipitation and runoff increases. Water vapours, the most powerful green house gas absorb the additional heat and raises the temperature. As a result the water resources become dry and rain will not occur for prolong time then under these conditions famine occur which causes dryness in fields, forests and grassland. These fields and grassland are the sources of food for human and animals. Due to shortage of food many people die because of malnutrition. As a result of famines 3.1 million deaths occur every year due to malnutrition and under nutrition. High temperature melts the ice over the sea and as a result dark surface of water absorb more sunlight as compared to ice and does not reflect it back and contributes a positive feedback and increases the temperature. Among older people the deaths from the respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are mostly occur due to high temperature.  temperature also affects the asthma patients because of raising level of pollen and other aeroallergen. Severe rainfall also enhances the impact of changes and also the source of floods which decreases the supply of fresh water. Due to insufficiency of fresh water there is also an increase the risk of water borne diseases which are transmitted through insects, mosquitoes and other cold blooded animals. Malaria and dengue are highly sensitive to climate conditions which are transmitted through Anopheles and Aedes mosquitoes due to which 600,000 death occur every year. Diarrhoea is also common disease which spread due to polluted water. Climate changes also forced the people to leave their houses because of floods and drought and migrate to other places. Agriculture depend upon the amount of water. Heavy rainfall and floods have disasters impact on crops and increase soil erosion and delay planting which decrease the overall food production. Many countries use water for power generation. Low stream flow also reduce the amount of energy.

Conclusion :-

We have to minimize the use of carbon and carbon monoxide emitting fuel consumption. We have to grow more and more plants which absorb carbon dioxide and reduce maximum amount of temperature and establish industries far away from the community. Instead of vehicles we use bicycles as a mean of transport and walk which is also good for health. Government has to manage the resources which reduce the usage of fuels.  

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Climate Change and their Causes with its Impacts on world

Climate Change is the average increase in temperature of Earth or change in average weather conditions or in the time variation of weather around long term average conditions. Climate Change is also known as...more