Child Labor and how to eliminate child labor
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Child Labor and how to eliminate child labor

To eliminate child labor is a desirable goal. The fact remains that in the given socio economic scenario it is virtually impossible to do away with child labor. One cannot dispute the fact that employers exploit children as they pay much less than what they deserve after working the whole day in their workshops and this condition cannot be improved until the financial condition of their families are not improved as they are working or compelled to do work only to financially support their families. Realizing the harm caused by child labor the Indian Government made laws to protect children from exploitation at work and to improve their working condition a comprehensive law called Child Labor Act. 1986 was promulgated to prohibit employment In 1987 the Indian government formulated National Police on Child Labour to protect the interests of children and focus on general development programs for the benefit of children. As a part of this policy National Child Labour Projects have been set up in different parts of the country to rehabilitate child labour. Under these projects, special schools are established to prove non-formal education, vocational training, supplementary nutrition etc. to children who are withdrawn from employment which was a very good step and a Though elimination of child labour is an impossible task, the Indian government is committed to the task of ensuring that no child remains illiterate, hungry and without medical care.Though elimination of child labour is an impossible task, the Indian government is committedThe development countries are also exerting pressure on developing countries like India to eliminate child labour.

According to which the developed countries may stop imports of those goods that involve child labour in their production. As many of child are involved in cottage industry so the carpets which are being exported may soon lose their market abroad if the producers of these carpets persist with child labour. Child labour is no doubt an evil that should be done away with at the earliest. The prevalence of child labour reflects very badly on society that is not able to stop this evil. But in a society where many households may have to suffer the pangs of hunger if the children are withdrawn from work, to avoid all this poverty should be controlled. List of verbs and connectors VERBS Eliminate goal desire remain given impossible dispute fact exploit pay ruin attend educate consider work force compelled realize harm made protect interest focus development rehab task care achieve done reflect send ruined.

Child labor is a serious crime all over the world. The Unicef defines child labor as some type of work performed by children below the age of 18. This is something seriously wrong that children who are considered as the bright future of every nation ,we, on our own are devastating our future by not educating our children. Then According to statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics last year, 3.8 million children in the age group of five to 14 years are working in our country out of a total of 40 million children. The law says that primary education is compulsory for everyone, but we all know that action speak louder than words. The government should take practical steps to promote education and to demote child labour.It should provide free books and copies to students and try to maintain the quality education. As every parent wants their child to exell in studies and in every aspect of life.So,the government should take strict action against those who are trying to darken the future of World so that the future of World becomes safe.

 WE have always believed that the youth is a future asset of our country. They should enjoy the early years of their life and should not be forced to do jobs at an early age. But unfortunately in some countries the situation is totally opposite. We see these assets being used as laborers

 and being exploited at an early age. Child labor is a common and serious problem in most underdeveloped countries like World. In World, children are forced by their families to work. In fact some are even sold. These children work in workshops, clean streets and might even be forced to become beggar. The main cause of child labor is poverty and lack of education. Child labor should be banned by the government and poverty should be decreased. To ensure that the first step should be taken by the government to lower the cost of education and try to make primary education free of cost and provide quality education so that our children can excel.

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