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Brief Analysis: A Novel The Silent Couple

Once a newly married couple was relaxing in their new home. After dealing with their last guest bride asked bridegroom to close the door of house. But he took it as disrespect and refused to close the door. Considering it disrespect to his fancy costume he asked his wife to close the door by herself. But the same excuse was given by the bride. She asked how can she close the door while she is looking like a princess in this fancy wedding dress and jewellery.Finally they ended up deciding that both of them would remain silent and whoever spoke first has to do the job. They sat there silently for three to four hours and then some robbers rushed into the open house. They considered the silent couple as idols wearing fancy dresses and jeweles.They robbed their valuables. They also took away their jewelery and left. In morning a police officer entered the house and saw that silent couple. He asked from them that what had happened last night. Both of them remained silent. At last the policeman decided to hit the husband to make him responce. At this the wife red ponded, asking them to get their hands off her husband. At this her husband celebrated his triumph saying that now his wife had to close the door because she broke the promise
Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 03-09-16
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